Movie Review: Ted 2 – More of What We Love, Bogged Down Slightly With Heavy Subject Matter

04 10JULY2015

If you liked the first one, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to like Ted 2 as well. It’s pretty much the same movie, written a second time, for the purpose of squeezing as much money out of the franchise as possible.

But I still watched it and I for the most part, I loved it.

This time around, Ted (Macfarlane) is married and wants to have a baby with wife Tami-Lyn in order to save his relationship. Josh (Wahlberg) is divorced from a not pictured Mila Kunis and has plenty of time to help his buddy out. Enter disastrous trips to sperm banks, lots of crazy flashbacks and rapid fire pop culture references that made the first movie so funny.

I will say I liked it and it made me laugh. My big problem is the heavy subject matter of the majority of the movie. It’s pretty much a new take on a civil rights movie. That’s kind of where the problems come in.

This time around, Amanda Siegfried takes over the love interest role for Mark Wahlberg and she does a good job handling her own comedic part. While a pot head, she’s also the smartest person in the room and she’s ready to represent Ted in his court case.

In the courtroom is where things get bogged down. Siegfried makes a bunch of overtly long speeches about civil rights and what it means to be human, that really slow down the momentum of the movie.

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ted - 10JULY2015

They recycled a ton of stuff from the first movie. Ted even gets kidnapped for a second time, by the same guy who kidnapped him in the first. They really didn’t change much of the plotline.

But it’s Wahlberg and his talking teddy bear’s antics that carry the movie and keep it funny. Whether it’s just dropping a one liner, or engaging in something terrible just for the fun of it, the two will keep you laughing even when the story gets a bit heavy.

One thing that really feels unnecessary is the whole love interest plot line. Look, Wahlberg is handsome, but there’s no way in hell that this love match would happen in real life, with a beautiful, successful lawyer settling down with a man-child like Wahlberg, I don’t care how much pot she smokes.

But it’s got MacFarlane’s offensive brand of humor that will make you love to watch, even when some of it drags. That last quarter of the movie gets bogged down in them trying to tie up loose ends, which is pretty unnecessary. With it raking in $33 million over opening weekend, I think it’s pretty definite there’s going to be a third movie in the works soon enough.

It will probably be the same movie a third time, but honestly, as long as they keep me laughing, I don’t care how many things they recycle. With the humor in the movie, the recycled plot is forgivable, even if it does drag a bit. Ted 2 is nothing new, but it’s worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT: 3.5 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

3.5 stars

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