Check Out Rosamund Pike In Trailer For Marie Curie Biopic ‘Radioactive’

For years now, when people say, “Radioactive” your mind probably starts playing that Imagine Dragons song, and you probably hate yourself for it.

But now maybe when someone says ‘Radioactive’ your mind will think of the upcoming Marie Curie biopic. The movie starring Rosamund Pike premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September to mixed reviews.

[Radioactive] tells the story of the pioneering scientist, beginning in the 1870s through her resonance in the 21st century, including her romantic and professional partnerships and breakthroughs in medical study that changed science forever.

It appears it might be one of those movies where critics praise the star’s (Pike’s) performance, but still not be in love with the overall structure of the movie.

In any event, you can check out the trailer below. It’ll premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 24, 2020.