Kristen Bell Comedy ‘Queenpins’ Lands Huge $20 Million Deal With Paramount+

We’ve told you about the upcoming comedy ‘Queenpins‘ before, mainly to fill you in on the impressive cast, which includes Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Joel McHale, Paul Walter Hauser and Bebe Rexha.

The movie was inspired by a true story and follows a suburban housewife played by Bell, who is fed up with being dismissed and overlooked by her husband and society.

She decides to take back control of her life by starting an illegal coupon club. Her creation ends up scamming millions of dollars from big food companies while delivering deals to millions of fellow coupon clippers.

The fact that this is based on a true story, or “inspired” by one, makes me want to watch it even more. I love the idea of some small-town housewife sticking it to the man.

Anyway, the film recently sold to Paramount+ and Showtime in a pretty intense bidding war. The deal is reportedly worth $20 million, which ain’t so bad considering the budget was considerably less than that.

STXfilms will first distribute the film theatrically, and distribute international through its global partners and finish international sales at the upcoming Cannes Market.

Not entirely sure when it’s supposed to be released, but we’ll keep you posted. Maybe a trailer will drop soon.

Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer And Seth Rogen Team Up In Trailer For Netflix Comedy ‘Like Father’

You all remember Forgetting Sarah Marshall, right? The 2008 comedy starring Jason Segel as a man who gets dumped by his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) and has trouble moving on because he spots her with her new boyfriend while on vacation in Hawaii.

Well, Bell is playing a sorta reversed role in the upcoming Netflix comedy, Like Father.

In the romantic comedy, Bell plays a workaholic exec who gets left at the altar and ends up on her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father, played by Kelsey Grammer. Seth Rogen plays her love interest in the film.

This movie won’t win any awards or change the way you think, but it’ll definitely keep you entertained on a lonely Friday night.

Check out the trailer below. It’ll be released on Netflix August 3, 2018.

Neil Patrick Harris And Kristen Bell Rent Out Movie Theaters To Show Free Screenings Of ‘Love, Simon’

We saw multiple celebrities rent out movie theaters to show screenings of ‘Black Panther,’ and now we’re seeing the same thing happen for Love, Simon.

The blockbuster romcom about a closeted gay teenager is receiving a lot of praise from critics. Not necessarily because it’s a fantastic film, but because it’s a solid romantic comedy featuring a gay lead. It’s important because most romantic comedies feature a straight couple, so to keep the format the same, but introduce gay characters, it’s a huge step in the movie business.

And stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Bell understand how important it is. The two stars have rented out theaters to provide free screenings of the movie.

Bell rented out a theater in Minneapolis and invited everyone to come join her…



And Harris did the same thing, except he was in New Mexico…



One day, I hope I’m rich enough to buy out a theater. I’m not sure what film I’d do it for. Maybe Fast & Furious 19. I think that’ll be an important movie everyone should watch at least once.

Kristen Bell Serves As Narrator For Upcoming IMAX Documentary ‘Pandas’ Watch The Trailer Inside!

No one loves animals more than Kristen Bell. I mean, who could forget her reaction to a sloth on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Click on this link if you somehow missed that video. She’s also a vegetarian, so she doesn’t eat animals either. She’s basically their best friend.

And that’s probably why she teamed up with Warner Bros. to narrate the upcoming IMAX documentary Pandas. The documentary follows Qian Qian, a panda bear born into captivity and “tasked with increasing the population of pandas in the wild.”

This documentary looks like it could be the most adorable thing since…I don’t know what. I’m not sure anything is more adorable than pandas.

It’s scheduled to hit IMAX and IMAX 3D theaters April 6, 2018. You can check out the official synopsis and trailer below…

“Pandas are beloved around the world, and now they are coming to the big screen in the IMAX® original film ‘Pandas,’ a breathtaking documentary adventure and amazing experience for the whole family narrated by Kristen Bell (“Frozen,” TV’s “The Good Place”).

At Chengdu Panda Base in China, scientists are taking the captive breeding program to the next level and preparing captive-born cubs for the wild.  This film follows one such researcher, whose passion leads her to initiate a new technique inspired by a black bear rehabilitator in rural New Hampshire.  What starts as a cross-cultural collaboration becomes a life-changing journey for one special panda named Qian Qian. The film, captured with IMAX® cameras, follows Qian Qian on an exciting new adventure into the mountains of Sichuan as she experiences nature for the first time and discovers her wild side.”

Mila Kunis And Kristen Bell Star In The Hilarious Red Band Trailer For ‘Bad Moms’


Forgetting Sarah Marshall came out almost 10 years ago, but it’s still one of my favorite comedy films. Not only did it have a lot of laughs, but it also had a lot of heart, which is something you want when watching a romantic-comedy.

But why am I talking about Forgetting Sarah Marshall right now? Because both Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis starred in the film, and they’re teaming up again for the upcoming comedy film titled Bad Moms. Kunis has the lead role in the movie and plays an overworked (and exhausted) mother who has finally reached her breaking point.

After calling out the “perfect mothers” at her child’s school function, she joins forces with two other equally stressed mothers (Bell and Kathryn Hahn) and they all work together to make life hell for the “perfect mom” leader played by Christina Applegate.

The red band trailer for the movie was just released online and it’s absolutely hilarious. I know we say that a lot on this site, but would it help if I said I really mean it this time? The final 30 seconds are probably the most hilarious, so make sure you watch the whole thing.

Bad Moms will hit theaters July 29, 2016. I’ll buy a ticket.


Movie Review: The Boss – McCarthy’s Range is Stifled into Clichéd roles and Contrived Endings


I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for The Boss. Melissa McCarthy seems to be getting progressively worse at choosing movie roles. She started out great with Spy, floundered with Tammy, and now, the worst one yet, The Boss, truly underestimates her potential.

This time, Mellissa McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, a woman who is sent to prison after she’s caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America’s latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget. McCarthy is joined in The Boss by an all-star cast led by Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates. Directed by Ben Falcone (Tammy), the comedy is based on an original character created by McCarthy and written by McCarthy and Falcone.

Put bluntly, this isn’t a particularly good comedy. While the premise is interesting, if a bit overdone, it doesn’t pan out. The movie relies too heavy on sight gags and obvious jokes, missing the opportunity for a better, smarter comedy.

The bits are rehashed from other better movies. The Girl Scout fight, the mismatched buddy duo, the cold hearted business woman growing a heart, they’re all done to death tropes, warmed over for an audience who that laughing.


It’s almost like McCarthy is holding herself back by letting her husband continue to write these movies for her. I’m sorry, but I don’t think his strengths lie in comedy. McCarthy is more than just sight gags and one liners. Unfortunately, her range is stifled into clichéd roles with contrived endings.

Melissa McCarthy carries the movie, that’s for sure. The only thing even remotely amusing about this is her. Even then, jokes that come on too strong and stay too long left this viewer not finding a chuckle worthy moment.

I wish we could see the McCarthy of Spy and Bridesmaids again, the one who didn’t rely on clichés but instead went for the unexpected joke. The one who surprised us by twisting the clichés, not leaning on them like crutches.


This unfortunate film fell short of her talent and some of the problem might be her costars. While Kristen Bell plays well across from less dynamic personalities, in this role, she drowned. There was a secondary storyline involving her, but I really wasn’t invested enough to pay attention. She was nothing more than another inanimate object McCarthy bounced jokes off of.

Dinklage was another one that I just didn’t feel fit the role. How many times have we seen him play this character? I feel like in the past few movies I’ve seen him in, he’s always playing the button down business man who’s secretly shady. While he stands a bit better next to McCarthy than Bell does, even he’s overshadowed.

It’s a disappointing effort that’s slowly starting to turn me off all McCarthy films. It reminds me a bit of the demise of Chris Farley’s career, where he went from playing characters to clichés. As a result, not worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT: 2 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

2 Stars

[youtube id=”yakeigyf0vc” width=”640″ height=”360″]


Movie Review: Zootopia – Earns Every Bit of the Critics Praise

videothumbnail_zootopia_officialtrailer_disney_a4d0f4ce - 22MAR2016

It’s very rare that you see a movie that manages to universally please critics the way the Zootopia has. I have to say I’m a bit surprised, as Disney’s latest effort earned its praise.

Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), a bunny, grows up on a carrot farm with her conventional parents and 225 bunny brothers and sisters. Showing large reserves of empathy and kindness, she springs into action when a bully turns aggressive in a schoolyard. Judy’s mother and father are taken aback when she decides to leave for the city to become a cop. At the police academy, this tiny rookie has trouble with physical prowess exercises but through her immense will power and wit eventually graduates at the top of her class. Eager to hit the streets and do her law-and-order thing, Judy is disappointed when Bogo (Idris Elba), police chief, orders her to hand out parking tickets. Still wanting to prove that she is better than any other rookie on the force, she writes 200 tickets before noon. Eventually, Judy gets the chance to shine when she’s allowed to investigate the mystery of a missing otter, with the help of conniving fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman).

ZOOTOPIA-01 - 22MAR2016

The unique storyline is both adorable and complex enough to create something new and fresh. This is not a premise I’ve seen before, that I can say for sure. Despite that, it works. It’s clever and cute and smart enough for adults to enjoy too.

The message is subtle, especially for a Disney film, in that it makes Judy’s abilities not about her strength or athleticism but instead her cleverness and determination. It’s a good message for kids that they don’t try to nail us over the head with.

Of course, it’s Disney so the computer generated animation is flawlessly executed and adorable. In that department, Disney rarely strikes out. It’s worth seeing in 3D, as it’s a good looking film with lots of creative and imaginative scenery.

zootopia_still_6 - 22MAR2016

The creativity comes into play with the creation of Zootopia, the mammal centric city where predatory instincts are gone and animals live like humans. You can see a spark of Disney’s old school imaginative style in this film.

Also, it’s smart enough for adults to enjoy too. The screenplay writers threw in a few clever quips just for mom and dad, making this an animated feature that the whole family can enjoy.

This is a clear hit and a clear winner for Disney. This animated film has the intelligence to keep adults audiences watching, with all the same appeal of Disney for the kids, so they can also cash in on the merchandising. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a film starring a bunny came out so close to Easter.

But Disney’s goal of world domination through movie revenues aside, this is a fantastic film that is sure to be fun for the whole family. I’d call this one an absolutely worth the watch, regardless  if you have children or not.


four and a half stars

[youtube id=”bY73vFGhSVk” width=”680″ height=”383″]




Veronica Mars Fans Treated with a 2 Minute Movie Preview


Before the Veronica Mars movie even started production it made a buzz on the internet by having one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.   The producer of the TV series, Rob Thomas launched the campaign which became the fastest project to reach the $1 million dollar mark, the fastest to reach the $2 million dollar mark, the highest earning project in the FILM category, the third highest funded project ever and the project with the most backers  ever ending with 91,585 total film supporters.  You better believe each of those people will be buying a ticket to see the movie they helped produce.

On Friday the first two minutes of the film were released online.  It basically closes the gap between the series and the movie by providing those who are new to Veronica Mars some background and history so that everyone is on the same page before the film gets moving.

You will hear her at the end of the clip say, “People say I’m a marshmallow”.  This is a shout out to her fans, who refer to themselves as marshmallows much like ‘Scandal’ fans refer to themselves as “Gladiators”.  During the first episode, her friend Wallace calls her a marshmallow after he is exposed to her soft side.  He says,

“You’re a marshmallow, Veronica Mars; A Twinkie.”

During her post episode monologue she reiterates that and it has stuck ever since.

The movie hits theaters on March 14th but until then enjoy the 2 minute sneak peek!

[youtube id=”9Cd8cMWb0gI” width=”633″ height=”356″]