Kevin Costner Tells The Amazing Story Of How ‘Dances with Wolves’ Was Written (VIDEO)

It can be hard, especially in today’s climate, to practice kindness. Our initial reaction to everything seems to be anger now, and understandably so. The world isn’t exactly a friendly place right now.

But that doesn’t mean we should lose our kindness and patience. Back in 2016, Kevin Costner went on The Graham Norton Show and told a beautiful story about forgiveness, kindness and patience. He tells the story better than I can write it, but the short version is that decades ago, he was helping a writer friend in Hollywood. This writer friend was bitter, and he started to talk trash about everyone in Hollywood, including some of Costner’s friends.

Costner let the friend stay on his couch for a few months, but eventually Costner’s wife was like, “Okay. He’s been here long enough,” so they told him to leave. The friend went to Arizona and started washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant, but before he started working there, he had left Costner the script he had been working on.

Eventually, Costner read it, and it became Dances with Wolves….

Never give up on your dreams. And treat your friends with respect, even when it’s difficult.