Watch Kevin Hart In The Surprisingly Sweet Trailer For Netflix Film ‘Fatherhood’

When you think of most Kevin Hart films, you think silly. And that’s not an insult. Silly doesn’t automatically mean bad. Sometimes all you want is to laugh, and Hart has provided us all with many laughs.

But his latest film, Fatherhood, promises to be a little different. There will be laughs, but there may also be a few tears.

Hart stars in the Netflix film as a widower with a newborn baby, who is forced to step up and raise his daughter without a mother.

With a family who doesn’t believe he can do it and a couple friends who don’t seem to offer much help despite having their heart in the right place, Matt pretty much has to tackle all the trials and tribulations of being a father on his own.

The project is based on the memoir, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love, written by Matthew Logelin.

In addition to Hart, this movie stars Alfre Woodard, Paul Reiser, Lil Rel Howery and DeWanda Wise.

And as you probably expected, this movie is set to premiere on Netflix during Father’s Day Weekend, June 18.

Check out the trailer below…

Kevin Hart Will Star Alongside Cate Blanchett In Upcoming ‘Borderlands’ Film

Kevin Hart has been incredibly successful as a comedian and a comedic actor, but now it looks like he may be trying to extend his reach as an actor.

It was just announced this week that Hart will star alongside Cate Blanchett in the movie adaptation of the popular video game, Borderlands.

Hart will play Roland, a skilled ex-soldier-turned-mercenary in the film, which is being directed by Eli Roth.

Speaking of Roth, he had nothing but nice things to say about Hart…

I’m thrilled to be working with Kevin. ‘Borderlands’ is a different kind of role for him, and we are excited to thrill audiences with a side of Kevin they’ve never seen before. He’s going to be an amazing Roland.

Plot details have been kept secret, but the video game it’s based on launched back in 2009.

The game, which has spawned several sequels, takes place on the planet of Pandora. Craig Mazin, who created the acclaimed HBO miniseries ‘Chernobyl,’ wrote the latest draft of the screenplay.

So there are a lot of talented people involved in this movie. Typically movie adaptations of popular video games don’t go over well, but maybe this will break the curse.

And it’ll be fun to see Hart playing a different role, so that’s reason enough to check it out. No word on an exact release date yet.

Will Smith And Kevin Hart Set To Star In Planes, Trains & Automobiles Remake

Some pretty huge news was released this Monday morning. It was announced that Paramount Pictures is set to remake the Thanksgiving classic, Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

The remake will star Kevin Hart and Will Smith. Their respective production companies will co-produce. Aeysha Carr will write the script in her feature debut. She has previously written for Brooklyn 99 and the upcoming Hulu series Woke.

The original starred Steve Martin and John Candy as a mismatched duo forced to become bunkmates and traveling partners in a desperate attempt to get home to loved ones for Thanksgiving after their flights are canceled. A slew of holiday travel disasters follow, and they mix like water and oil. 

It’s truly a classic. If you haven’t watched it, you should change that this week. The humor still holds up today.

It’ll be interesting to see how they remake this for modern times. Honestly, I feel like Hart and Smith are similar with their personalities/acting techniques, so it’ll be interesting to watch how they create that “oil/water” dynamic between them.

No word on when filming might begin, but like most things looking to start up production, it will likely not be until sometime in 2021.

Jason Statham And Kevin Hart Teaming Up For Action Comedy ‘The Man From Toronto’

Sony Pictures is hoping to release the upcoming action-comedy film ‘The Man From Toronto‘ this November and to make that release date, they hope to start filming in March.

And it looks like they just now locked up their two leads. It’s being reported that action legend Jason Statham and comedy legend Kevin Hart are deep in talks to co-star in the film.

The Man from Toronto uses a case of mistaken identity as the film’s jumping-off point after the world’s deadliest assassin, known as the Man from Toronto, and a New York City screw-up run into each other at an Airbnb. A clash of personalities, and a clash with deadly killers, ensues.

Filming is expected to begin in March. Not much else is known about the project, but they’re certainly in good shape with Hart and Statham. You have the best of both worlds coming together, which should make for an entertaining film.

We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

And if Hart does take on this role, let’s hope he sits out on the stunts. We don’t need him messing up his back again.

Dwayne Johnson Claims He Was The First Choice To Host The Oscars, Find Out Why He Turned It Down!

Even though Kevin Hart was asked to host the 2019 Oscars, he apparently wasn’t the first choice. A fan tweeted at Dwayne Johnson the other day, basically saying he should have hosted the Oscars.

And much to everyone’s surprise, The Rock responded…

Well, damn. That would have been fun to watch. And how about him just being like, “Yeah. I was their first choice!” Is that a little shade thrown at Kevin Hart? Probably not, as they seem to be on good terms still.

Although it makes you wonder why Hart’s schedule was clear for the Oscars? He’s starring in the Jumanji sequel with Johnson, so how was he going to find the time? Strange. Maybe he plays a lesser role in the sequel.

In any event, the Oscars will go on without a host this year. Instead of one host, they’ll have multiple celebrities jump onstage to keep the show moving forward. It’ll be the first time in nearly three decades that the show will take place without a host.

Kevin Hart Is In Talks To Star In Live-Action ‘Monopoly’ Movie

Hollywood is running out of sequels, remakes, reboots and video game adaptations. They’re now turning their attention to board games.

It’s being reported that Kevin Hart is in talks to star in Lionsgate and Hasbro’s Monopoly live-action film. He will also produce the movie through his HartBeat Productions label.

There’s not a lot of information about this film, but we know Tim Story is in final negotiations to direct. Lionsgate has been trying to make this project for years. A few years back, they hired Andrew Niccol to write the screenplay “about a boy from the game’s Baltic Avenue embarking on a quest to make a fortune.”

No word on when filming might start, but we will of course keep you posted. Nothing has even been confirmed, but everything is starting to come together. I’m not sure I see the appeal of a Monopoly movie. I mean, does anyone still enjoy playing the game? No one ever wins. Or if they do, it’s a questionable win because no one understands/cares what’s happening after two hours of gameplay.

But hey, we can’t hate on the movie yet. We’ll at least wait until the first trailer.

Kevin Hart Still Has Star Power, Tops Box Office With ‘The Upside’

People were wondering how Kevin Hart’s latest film, ‘The Upside‘ would do at the box office, because of all the drama surrounding his tweets from 10 years ago. Some experts believed the drama would hurt the film at the box office, but it looks like it may have helped.

The film surprised everyone by coming in first at the box office this past weekend. It made $19.5 million during its opening weekend, which is double what the experts were predicting. It beat out three-week champ Aquaman.

‘The Upside,’ which stars Hart and Bryan Cranston is the first No. 1 opening for STX, so it was a pretty big deal for the studio as well. Not only did this have the Hart controversy surrounding it, it also had the Weinstein controversy attached

“The Weinstein Company was originally on board to distribute the comedic drama about a quadriplegic billionaire who befriends an ex-convict hired to help him. It premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival but was shelved after sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to light. STX and Lantern then purchased the rights and worked with director Neil Burger to recut the movie from an R rating to PG-13 in hopes that would make ‘The Upside’ more accessible for a broader audience.”  

So yeah, a $19.5 million opening is a huge win. Hart has a strong group of fans who will always come out to support him and they certainly supported him this weekend. It shows every studio out there that Hart can still be a leading man.

It Looks Like The Oscars Will Go Hostless For The First Time In Nearly Three Decades

After the Kevin Hart debacle, it looks like the Oscars are over the idea of a host for the upcoming 2019 awards ceremony. Insiders claim the Academy is planning on going hostless for the first time in nearly three decades.

Producers are currently trying to put together a group of A-listers to introduce various segments, and instead of an opening monologue, they’re hoping to get a variety of stars to participate in skits or musical numbers.

“As it stands, no new offers are out, nor are any expected to be made to a single potential host to fill the void left by Kevin Hart, who dropped out within hours of being selected when he refused to apologize for his past homophobic remarks that had resurfaced on Twitter.”

So unless a miracle happens, the show will go on without a host, and honestly it probably won’t feel that much different. Most of the recent hosts did musical numbers instead of long monologues, so the opening will be familiar. It might be a little odd to not have that one steady person throughout, but that’s something the Academy has obviously considered.

The Oscars is set to air on February 24, so it’s just six weeks away. We will keep you posted as more information is released.

The Academy Is Reportedly Freaking Out Over Hosting Situation, ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE!

After the Kevin Hart debacle, which resulted in the removal of Hart as host of the upcoming Oscars, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences is reportedly freaking out. They don’t know what to do or who to pursue for the hosting gig.

According to some reports, they’re considering going hostless…

“Sources claim various options are being considered, including doing a show without a traditional host, instead doing something ‘SNL style,’ and using a series of celebrities to segue into commercial breaks.”

That is certainly one option. Who would do the monologue then? Or would there not be one?

The Academy is going to meet Tuesday night to go over all the options. They reportedly don’t want to hire another late night host, but they also don’t want to get anyone too edgy, so their options are somewhat limited.

I mean, you know things are bad when even Kevin Hart is too controversial. He’s not exactly a dirty comic, so it was pretty shocking to see people turn on him.

We’ll see what happens. The Academy is in a tough position because hosts do not get paid that much and it’s a risky job to take. Most people are not going to like you, and you might offend someone.

Why would you want the job? Well, it’s a huge stage to be on and some true legends have hosted it before. Your name would be right next to theirs.

Chris Rock Will Direct Kevin Hart In Upcoming Comedy Flick ‘Co-Parenting’

Do you like Kevin Hart? What about Chris Rock? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then your dream movie is ready to enter production.

According to multiple reports, Chris Rock will direct Kevin Hart in the comedy film Co-Parenting. The project is reportedly based on an original idea by Rock and Hart.

“Hart will portray a stay-at-home dad who raises the kids while his CEO wife serves as the breadwinner and finds himself in turmoil when his wife decides to ditch him, leading to a bitter divorce and custody battle.”

Yamara Taylor (Black-ish) will write the script, which is being produced by Will Packer who produced both Night School and Girls Trip.

This is pretty exciting news for comedy fans. Rock is a legend in the game and Hart is one of the hardest working comedians out there. It’ll be great to see them team up together to hopefully create something special.

No word on when this film might be released, but we will keep you posted. In the meantime, you can check out Rock’s acting skills on the next season of Fargo.