Keira Knightley Set To Star In Upcoming Drama-Thriller Film ‘Boston Strangler’

Well, 20th Century Studios and Matt Ruskin have found their lead for the upcoming drama film, Boston Strangler.

It was announced this week that the lovely Keira Knightley will star in the movie, which was written by Ruskin. He’s also set to direct the film, with Ridley Scott and Kevin Walsh producing.

Based on the infamous Boston Strangler murders, this is the true story of Loretta McLaughlin, the first reporter to connect the murders and break the story of the Strangler. She and fellow reporter Jean Cole challenged the sexism of the early 1960s to report on the city’s most notorious serial killer and worked tirelessly to keep women informed. Loretta pursued the story at great personal risk and uncovered corruption that cast doubt on the true identity of the Boston Strangler.

Knightley will play McLaughlin in the movie. We’re not exactly sure when filming is set to begin, but we’re assuming it’ll start shooting before the end of the year.

Ruskin, who is from Boston, put a lot of research into this film, even tracking down the families of McLaughlin and Cole. He also obtained their actual research from the ’60s.

No word on a release date, but in the meantime, you can catch Knightley in the upcoming comedy-horror, Silent Night, which is set to be released on December 3, 2021.

Watch Keira Knightley In The First Trailer For ‘Official Secrets’

One of Hollywood’s loveliest stars, Keira Knightley, stars in the trailer for the political thriller, Official Secrets.

In the film, Knightley plays GCHQ translator Katharine Gun, who chose to leak ~official~ secrets in order to prove that the government was lying about the “necessity for the Iraq War.”

This movie is based on a true story and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The reviews have been mixed with a slight positive edge. It has a 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to Knightley, Official Secrets stars Matt Smith, Ralph Fiennes and Matthew Goode.

Check out the trailer below. It’s scheduled to hit theaters in October. It certainly looks thrilling.

SURPRISE: Keira Knightley Has Returned To The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise, New Footage Reveals Her Return! (VIDEO)

Well, damn. People have been trying to figure out for months if Keira Knightley would be coming back for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Many people believed she wouldn’t, even though her character’s son is returning.

But now we know she will be in this fifth installment, thanks to the Japanese-narrated trailer you see above. The trailer reveals several new shots of the movie, but the most compelling shot is the one featuring Knightley’s character staring at something off camera.

It’s an extremely quick shot, so don’t blink or you might miss her. Heck, just in case you did blink, we got a GIF of the clip for you below…

Hard to know what’s going on in this scene, but some people believe it might be a dream sequence. If we had to guess, we’d say her role in this film will be minor.

But who knows at this point. We didn’t even know she was going to be in the film until this trailer was released, so there could be more surprises waiting.

The film will hit a theater near you May 26, 2017. You don’t have long to wait!

Movie Review: Laggies (2014) – A Coming of Age Movie for those Coming of Age a Little Bit Late


Laggies might be the movie of the Millennial generation. It’s a fantastic look at something that is all too true for most young adults these days; perpetual childhood and living with their parents.

Megan (Keira Knightly) is an overeducated, unemployed 28-year-old. She also lacks any kind of motivation to change all that, despite that fact that she’s lagging behind all of her friends, who are checking off life milestone after life milestone. Then she meets 16-year-old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell).

I love this movie because I feel like Megan is a character that we so rarely see. In a box office stuffed full of Type-A females who only want to get married so they can nag a man to death, Megan is a refreshing chance of pace. She’s a barely lived, world weary slacker who has no interest in moving forward with her life. She’s lazy, unmotivated, messy and broken. Simply put, she’s a lot more real than most of the female leads in movies today.

This is a charming coming of age movie for those who are coming of age a little bit later. The two leads are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Megan has no responsibility while Craig is nothing but responsibility. Megan can’t find a way to move to the next phase of her life, and has to do something stupid to figure it out. It’s a good premise and a sweet story with an edge. For example, Megan meets Annika when she buys her beer and then spends half the night getting drunk with a bunch of 16-year-olds.

But it’s a movie, not a moral lesson. It’s fun, it’s clever and it’s potentially one of the smartest comedies I’ve seen in a while. Not since I saw the seriously underrated Young Adult with Charlize Theron have I seen a broken female lead played so well.

The movie is admirably polished and Keira Knightly was ideal for the lead. The clever way that she has to move backwards to move forwards is quirky, but at the same time a little bit heartbreaking.



It’s a surprisingly socially relevant movie. The fact is, there are many 28-year-olds living like Megan these days. For some, it’s not lack of motivation; it’s just lack of job prospects. For others, the lack of prospects has spawned the lack of motivation. It’s surprisingly easy to get comfortable behaving like a child when you’re an adult. A lot of Millennials and younger will be able to identify with this character.

It’s as inspirational as it is inappropriate and a thoroughly charming find. This is a date night movie for those who find traditional rom-coms not edgy enough. It’s dark enough to keep from being too sweet and clever enough to go after a demographic that is relatively new; post-college kids in the midst of a quarter life crisis.

Laggies was worth the watch and is a great choice if you’re tired of candy floss rom-coms and like a little more edge with your leads.

WE GAVE IT: 4.5  Stars: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below

four and a half stars



[youtube id=”xep7s36qZL0″ width=”633″ height=”356″]


Movie Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Jack ryan 3A Valiant Effort

3.5 stars

I think we can dare to say that Jack Ryan movies are quickly becoming the new James Bond movies (especially seeing how much the last few Bond installments sucked). The newest version of Jack Ryan takes us from 9/11 to present day, giving us Jack Ryan’s background and an action packed look into the world of terrorists’ finances.

In this installment, Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) decides to get involved with national security after watching the twin towers burn on TV. He is shipped off to Afghanistan, and after being injured, is taken under the wing of Commander Thomas Harper (Kevin Costner) to join the CIA as an analyst. Luckily, we don’t have to watch too much analysis, because it isn’t long before Ryan is back in the field, as an undercover agent on Wall Street. There, he stumbles on a conspiracy based in Russia, designed to crash the US economy.

Director Kenneth Branagh manages a smooth controlled pace, despite the action. This is necessary when mixing action with conspiracy theories, as too many twists and cut aways could leave the viewer a little bit lost. The mix between action and information is good; however, the movie lacked some serious character development. [more…]

Jack ryan 2

Adam Cozad and David Koepp had their work cut out for them, as there was no novel to adapt this movie from. The screenwriters had to cobble together their own back-story the best they could. It results in an intriguing plot and a unique change of pace that makes Ryan seem a bit more intelligent than in other movies.

Chris Pine, famous for his role as Captain Kirk in the updated Star Trek franchise, was a reasonably good choice for Jack Ryan. Pine is a bit of a one trick pony and generally plays the same suave action stars with just a little bit of boy-next-door naïveté. The role of Jack Ryan fit him like a glove.

The main problems with the movie came from Kierra Knightly’s character. She plays Cathy Muller, a love interest so generic, she could have been played by a tree stump. Cathy is the med student, smiley supportive girlfriend….who suddenly goes wakadoodle stalkeresque when she believes Ryan is cheating on her and follows him on a super secret spy mission to Russia so she can eventually play the Damsel in Distress. Her character’s plot line is so cobbled together that it is not even remotely convincing. Frankly, when she was in trouble, I didn’t really care and I didn’t care if the bad guy killed her off. The character felt entirely unnecessary.

Jack ryan 4

Jack ryan 1

The villain, Viktor Cherevin, is the juiciest character, which is probably why director Branagh saved the role for himself. Rather than being a stereotypical Soviet bent on world domination, he is an oddly sensitive man who believes that he is doing the world a favor by taking out America. It was a sympathetic way to look at a villain and kept him from becoming a Bond villain cliché.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a competent movie and a good effort. The right casting makes it come together and I think it is an effort that Tom Clancy would be proud of.

Watch the Trailer below, if you saw the movie, Leave a Review and Earn Some points!