Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 – Almost As Fun As The First

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I’ve never been a big one for musicals. I’m one of the few people that used to fast forward through all of the singing parts in Glee. One thing I like about Pitch Perfect is that despite the fact that it’s about music, it isn’t too heavy on the music. The characters aren’t randomly bursting into song every three minutes, which made this premise tolerable for me. But it’s really the humor that sells it. While I will say the story is there, it’s a bit been there done that.

In this installment, we are again introduced to a perky acapella singing group, after they suffer an embarrassing mishap onstage. They then fight to get into an international acapella competition to redeem themselves and their group. To be honest, this premise was almost exactly the same as the first. If you really need to know it, just go watch Pitch Perfect. The only thing that changed is the venue.

Luckily, the snarky humor was there. It still has the breezy humor of the first, and is a movie that makes you fall in love with it, as it makes fun of itself. The actors brought the same energy they had and when it comes to laughs and dialog, it didn’t fall flat.

One area where it did fail was the failure to use Kendric. While the first movie really centered on her, she’s more of an afterthought in this one. That’s a shame, because I like my heroines with a bit of edge. She’s still edgy in this one, but we just don’t see as much of her.

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This time around, it’s Rebel Wilson who takes center stage. That’s a bit of a problem, as Wilson is and always has been a one note character. She had charm and great comic shtick, but a little of her goes a long way and focusing the film around her felt kind of exhausting. I feel like if they’d toned her down a bit, it would have been more tolerable.

The music is a bit overproduced for something that’s supposed to be acapella. It’s almost too perfect and it causes a bit of a disconnect between the story and the sound. The scenes with the other groups in the international competition were amusing, but they went a bit too far with the stereotypes and turned every other country into a weird cliché.

There are a bit too many storylines going on as well. They really didn’t need to add as much as they did. There were lots of side plots about Beca’s secret internship that really didn’t need to be there. I also wasn’t 100% sure why she was hiding it. I mean, she’s a senior in college. Of course she’s going to secure her future, right? They could have removed that part entirely and the movie wouldn’t have suffered for it. It also would have felt a bit cleaner.

I will say it was worth the watch. It just wasn’t quite as good at the first go-around.

WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


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10 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were In Disney Channel Original Movies!

A few months ago we celebrated the strangest Disney Channel Original Movies, and now we are going to dig a little deeper into the TV world of Disney.

Today, we are going to focus on the talent inside those wonderful movies. You might think that Disney loaded those made-for-TV movies up with actors they found outside a gas station.

But you would be wrong…



No. 10 – Kaley Cuoco – “Alley Cats Strike!”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Elisa Bowers

Where You Can Find Her Now: Well, she’s on this little show called The Big Bang Theory. You’ve probably never heard of it. She also starred in The Wedding Ringer with some dude named Kevin Hart. Maybe one day she will finally make it big 😉



No. 9 – Kat Dennings – “The Scream Team”

Release Date: 2002

Character: Claire Carlyle

Where You Can Find Her Now: Just like Kaley Cuoco, Kat Dennings has found a home on CBS. She stars in 2 Broke Girls with Beth Behrs. She was also in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which was a great film with the never awkward Michael Cera.



No. 8 – Camilla Belle – “Rip Girls”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Sydney Miller

Where You Can Find Her Now: Camilla may not be as popular as the two ladies above her, but she’s still living the dream as an actress out in Hollywood. She has starred in a number of films since her Disney Channel days. Most recently she was in a movie titled The American Side with Matthew Broderick.



No. 7 – Justin Timberlake – “Model Behavior”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Jason

Where You Can Find Him Now: We have no idea. What happened to Justin Timberlake? I think I saw him on SNL a few times, but that’s about it. Poor guy would probably jump at the chance to star in another Disney Channel movie.



No. 6 – Katey Sagal – “Smart House”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Pat (or The House)

Where You Can Find Her Now: She is all over the damn place. She was on 8 Simple Rules (with Kaley Cuoco), Lost, Sons of Anarchy, and you can catch her in Pitch Perfect 2, May 15, 2015. Basically, just turn on your television or watch a movie and you’ll either see her face or hear her voice.



No. 5 – Emmy Rossum – “Genius”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Claire Addison

Where You Can Find Her Now: Her career really developed in 2004. She starred in The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. After that, Rossum started showing up on everyone’s radar. Most people know her right now as Fiona Gallagher on the TV series Shameless.



No. 4 – Bryan Cranston – “‘Twas the Night”

Release Date: 2001

Character: Nick Wrigley

Where You Can Find Him Now: Just look for the dude still rocking the tighty-whities. That is where you’ll find Bryan. On a serious note, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, please go change that right now. Well, finish this list first, share it with your friends, and then go watch it.



No. 3 – Mischa Barton – “A Ring of Endless Light”

Release Date: 2002

Character: Vicky Austin

Where You Can Find Her Now: Mischa is probably best known for her role as Marissa Cooper on The O.C., but her career is still going strong years after the show. Her name is attached to over six film projects this year! She is clearly keeping busy. I have a feeling she will be making a comeback.



No. 2 – Hayden Panettiere – “Tiger Cruise”

Release Date: 2004

Character: Maddie Dolan

Where You Can Find Her Now: The little girl from Remember the Titans is still going strong in Hollywood. She starred in the NBC show Heroes several years ago and is currently starring in the hit ABC show Nashville.



No. 1 – Kristen Stewart – “The Thirteenth Year”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Girl in Fountain Line

Where You Can Find Her Now: Kristen Stewart was only 8-years-old when she made her debut in a Disney Channel movie. She didn’t have any lines, but as you can see from the photo, she already had that famous look perfected. All frowny jokes aside, Stewart is actually an extremely talented actress. She recently starred in the award-winning film Still Alice with Julianne Moore. Go check it out if you haven’t watched it.