Good Guy Chris Pratt Highlights Hard Working Crew Members On Set Of ‘Jurassic World 2’ (VIDEO)

Chris Pratt, at one point, was one of Hollywood’s most adored actors. When he starred in Parks & Rec on NBC, he was extremely likable. But then he started to transition into a huge movie star, got a divorce from Anna Faris, and started to come off a bit douchey at times.

But thankfully, we’re now seeing the return of Good Guy Chris. The 38-year-old actor started a series called ‘Jurassic Journals‘ while filming ‘Jurassic World’ a few years ago. The series focused on the hard working crew on set of the film. The little guys who don’t get much attention, you know?

Pratt continued the series for Jurassic World 2 and you can view some of the videos below.

He talks to a make-up artist named Vivian Baker, an assistant script supervisor name Kelly Krieg and even an expert diver named Pete Harcourt. You can tell these people really enjoyed being recognized for their hard work. We spend so much time focusing on the actors/directors that we forget it truly takes a village to make a movie.

Well done, Pratt.

The First Photo From ‘Jurassic World 2’ Has Arrived, Check It Out! (PHOTO)

Well, we’ve already made one post today about a franchise that refuses to die, so why not make one more? The director of Jurassic World 2J.A. Bayona, tweeted out the first official image from the Jurassic World sequel this week.

In the photo above, a young girl stands in front of a collection of dinosaur skeletons. No information was released with the photo, so we don’t know who this girl is. Some people are wondering if it might be the daughter of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen (Chris Pratt) but that seems like a stretch.

This ominous photo matches what producer/screenwriter/original director Colin Trevorrow said about this sequel. He promises it’s going to be “more suspenseful and scary,” and it will not focus on militarized dinosaurs, which is a good thing.

Honestly, I hate to admit it, but I’m really looking forward to this movie. I enjoyed Jurassic World. I don’t think it was a great film, but it was highly entertaining to watch inside a theater. I’m sure if I had watched it at home, the enjoyment level would have decreased significantly.

Jurassic World 2 hits theaters June 22, 2018. We’ll be waiting on that first trailer.

Jurassic World 2’s Colin Trevorrow Says The Sequel Will Deal With Animal Abuse


The sequel to Jurassic World won’t start filming until early 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the hype train from leaving the station. The internet is already discussing the movie as if they have already watched it. Rumors are flying all over the place.

We have heard that Jurassic World 2 will be scarier than the first movie, and it’s also rumored to be one of the most expensive films ever. But that’s mainly just speculation. What do we know for sure? Well, we know the upcoming sequel will be directed by J.A. Bayona, and we know Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return to star.

And thanks to the director of the first film (co-writer of the sequel) Colin Trevorrow, we know Jurassic World 2 will deal with animal abuse.

He told Time the following:

“The dinosaurs will be a parable of the treatment animals receive today: the abuse, medical experimentation, pets, having wild animals in zoos like prisons, the use the military has made of them, animals as weapons. The second part will be a very different movie that will explore new paths. For that reason, it was clear that it needed to be Bayona who would direct it, in order to have it grow and evolve with his very personal vision.”

I think everyone involved is handling this franchise the right way. I mean, Jurassic World made over $1 billion at the box office. It would be so easy to stick with the same director, create some boring script that has no meaning, and then watch the money come flying in again.

But instead, they are changing directors, changing themes, and working together to create something truly special.

Jurassic World 2 Director Reveals The Budget For The Sequel Will Be $260 Million!


It’s expensive to make a Hollywood blockbuster. We all know this. The first Jurassic World film worked with a budget of $150 million, which is obviously a lot of money. But it ended up being worth it for the studio, considering the movie made over $1 billion worldwide.

And thanks to the great success of the first movie, the upcoming sequel will be working with a budget of $260 million. That’s $110 million more than Jurassic World. We’re not sure why they need so much more money for this second film, but it definitely gives director Juan Antonio Bayona more freedom. He can basically do anything he wants with this sequel.

There are no limits. Bayona recently spoke with Spanish magazine El Pais Seminal, and he revealed that the sequel does have an official title. He didn’t release the name, but he did promise an announcement would be coming soon.

And earlier in the month, he told LRM that he’d like to stay truthful to the legacy of Steven Spielberg

“I grew up watching Steven Spielberg movies and I love those movies and the legacy, so it’s a question of being truthful to the legacy and at the same time, bringing new stuff that people will appreciate.”

Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return to star in the sequel. It’s scheduled to be released June 22, 2018, so you still have over a year to wait.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Becomes First Film To Reach $1 Billion Mark In Just 12 Days


The 12 days of Christmas? Forget that. Let’s focus on the 12 days of Starmas. The Force Awakens continues to break just about every box office record there is to break. On Sunday, Disney announced that the film broke the $1 billion mark around the world faster than any other movie in history.

During the all-important Christmas weekend, Star Wars took home $153.5 million domestically. Not only was that the biggest number for the holiday weekend, but it was also the best second weekend for a film in box office history. No film came close to touching Star Wars over the weekend, Daddy’s Home was second with $38.8 million.

Before Star Wars reached $1 billion worldwide in 12 days, it was Jurassic World who held the record at 13 days. But get this, The Force Awakens hasn’t even opened in China (the world’s second-largest movie market) yet. It won’t be released there until Jan. 9.

Box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Rentrak is amazed, “You almost have to rewrite all the record books for this movie.” He told Fox News.

Disney will certainly have a lot to celebrate in 2016. By the way, the film has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and some people believe it might take home some awards.

Fans love it. Critics love it. The world loves it. Your dog probably even loves it.

Universal Breaks HUGE International Box-Office Record, Get The Details Inside!

Universal Pictures is having a historic year at the box office. Thanks to global hits like Furious 7, Jurassic World, Minions and Fifty Shades of Grey. They have smashed several records this year, and they just passed another record at the international box office.

The studio has grossed a record-breaking $3.78 billion at the international box office. That makes it the highest-grossing year ever. And if you have been following the box office results, you shouldn’t be surprised by this. Universal has four of the top five highest-grossing films of the year internationally.

  1. Furious 7 ($1.162 billion)
  2. Jurassic World (983.5 million)
  3. Minions ($670.2 million)
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey ($404.1 million)

Disney’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is the only film getting in the way of a clean sweep for Universal. If you combine everything with the domestic sales, grosses have already passed the $5 billion mark. It’s only the 4th studio to reach that impressive mark, and we must remind everyone that it’s only August!

Duncan Clark, President of Distribution for Universal Pictures International told THR the following…

“We are very proud of the overwhelming success we have had at the international box office. There are countless people who contribute to this level of success. First and foremost our studio executive ranks, led by Jeff Shell and Donna Langley, then of course our filmmakers and talent.”

Of course, the studio isn’t finished yet. They still have the international release of Straight Outta Compton, Danny Boyle‘s Steve Jobs and Guillermo del Toro‘s Crimson Peak.

‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Lands 2018 Release Date, Chris Pratt And Bryce Dallas Howard Will Return!


We knew it was coming. Just six weeks after its release, Jurassic World is already the third-highest grossing film of all-time. When a film is that successful at the box office, you know it’s going to get a sequel.

Universal Pictures announced earlier this week that the next Jurassic World film will hit theaters June 22, 2018. And yes, both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be returning, which means there will be more eye candy for everyone.

Director Colin Trevorrow will reportedly return to co-write the screenplay with Derek Connolly; however, he’s not expected to direct the sequel. Steven Spielberg will jump in as executive producer through his Amblin Entertainment banner.

This means the search is on for a new director, which actually makes this process more exciting. Trevorrow claims hiring a new director will give the sequel its own unique “flavor.” And we agree with him. Changing things up like this is the only way to keep a franchise fresh.

As always, we will keep you posted. One thing we know for sure? Chris Pratt is loving life right now. Guardians of the Galaxy AND Jurassic World?

‘Jurassic World’ Takes Number One Spot Again, But ‘Inside Out’ Is The Real Winner

You are probably not surprised to hear that Jurassic World took the top spot at the box office again. The film “won” the weekend with an impressive $102 million take, bringing its domestic total to a cool $398.2 million.

However, the real winner this weekend was Pixar’s Inside Out. Before it was released this past weekend, most people were predicting a $60 million opening for the film. And honestly, for an original film going up against Chris Pratt and fighting dinosaurs, that wouldn’t have been a terrible opening.

But it didn’t take home $60 million. Pixar’s latest hit crushed the record for the biggest-ever opening weekend for an original film. Inside Out earned $91 million, easily breaking the $77 million record set by Avatar in 2009. It’s also Pixar’s second biggest opening ever as a studio. Toy Story 3 holds that record with $110 million.

Senior media analyst at Rentrak, Paul Dergarabedian, told Variety there were no losers this weekend. Jurassic World and Inside Out are both winners.

There are no losers in this one-two punch. What movie is number one is a distinction without a difference.

Fans of original films should be celebrating today. Inside Out killed it at the box office, and it was also a hit with critics. It currently has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. 185 fresh reviews to just 4 rotten reviews.

And let’s not forget about the Sundance hit, Dope. We tried our best to get you excited for the film back in April. It obviously had no chance against Jurassic World, Inside Out, Spy and even San Andreas. However, it still managed to take home $6 million during its first three days. It scored a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, by the way.

Maybe there is still hope for the original film.

The Surprise Summer Hit? ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ Has Strong Opening Weekend

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know Jurassic World dominated the box office this past weekend. It smashed the global record by taking in over $500 million worldwide during its opening weekend. It’s safe to say that it was a huge success. I watched it Thursday night and absolutely loved it, mainly because I was watching it inside an IMAX theater, and I was surrounded by my friends.

It was the perfect summer blockbuster, but it certainly wasn’t a perfect film. What do I mean by that? I mean that you wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie if you were watching it inside your bedroom on your laptop screen. You have to get the full ‘movie experience’ to truly enjoy Jurassic World.

A perfect great film can be enjoyed anywhere. Some of the best movies from last year, Whiplash, Boyhood, Gone Girl, Birdman, can be appreciated on any screen. You could watch those movies on a cracked iPad in the middle of another troubling Thanksgiving dinner with your family, and you would still walk away from the dinner table thinking, “Damn…that movie was great!”

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl has a chance to be one of those movies. The touching story about a pair of high school film-lovers who befriend a girl with cancer, won big at the 31st Sundance Film Festival awards, taking home both the U.S. dramatic audience award and the grand jury prize.

The praise made Fox Searchlight confident in a summer release for the film, and this past weekend the studio decided to release it inside 15 theaters. It earned $210,000, and was the top-grossing release in three theaters in Chicago, Brooklyn, and Washington, D.C.

It didn’t break any records, but Frank Rodriguez, senior vice president of distribution at Searchlight, is extremely happy with the numbers…

We felt the film was strong enough to go in the summer. There was no indication [‘Jurassic World’] would do $200 million, and that kind of sucked up all the air, but there was still space for us and we got the press and reviews we needed.

Thanks to the limited release success, the studio is expanding the release this week. The film will be added to 10 new markets, which will make it available at around 70 theaters. By July 1, the studio plans to have it screening in 600 to 700 locations.

You can check out a trailer for the movie below. Please go support it.


‘Jurassic World’ Has Successful World Premiere, Early Reactions Are Extremely Positive!

Still worried about Jurassic World? I understand. The trailers for the Jurassic Park sequel haven’t been bad, but they haven’t been mind-blowing either. And it’s left many fans wondering if this movie will be another huge disappointment.

Well, I have some good news for you. Jurassic World had its world premiere in Paris last weekend, and the lucky people who were invited to the big event claim director Colin Trevorrow did a wonderful job. Frozen/The Wedding Ringer star Josh Gad was completely blown away by the movie.





As you can see, Mr. Gad seemed to enjoy the film, and does anyone really think Olaf would lie to us? No way! But even if you don’t trust the goofy snowman, there were more people praising the movie, claiming it was the best Jurassic Park sequel by far.

A Twitter user and huge Jurassic Park fan sent an email to slashfilm saying that his friends who attended the premiere loved the movie…

“From what I understand, the movie certainly is very action heavy after the first 45min (for better or worse) but has a ton of charm, and is incredibly well put together. There aren’t any major surprises for those who followed the production closely, but again, 3 out of the 4 praised it as the best JP sequel by far.”

It looks like we can rest easy. Jurassic World is going to kick some serious ass when it hits theaters June 12.