Wow! John Boyega Just Left Netflix Movie In The Middle Of Production, Family Reasons Cited

This is pretty shocking news. John Boyega had been in Louisiana since May filming the upcoming Netflix movie, Rebel Ridge.

But just this past week, he left production and cited “family reasons” as the cause.

The production is currently paused but we understand Netflix is working hard to find a replacement for the Star Wars actor and someone is likely to be drafted in in the next few days. Filming began on May 3rd in Louisiana.

According to the report, Boyega was one of the main stars in this movie, which makes it even more bizarre. You don’t see something like this happen all the time, where a lead actor just leaves in the middle of filming.

A Netflix spokesperson had this to say:

Rebel Ridge is pausing temporarily as we look to re-cast John Boyega who needed to leave the project for family reasons. We remain committed to Jeremy Saulnier’s extraordinary film and look forward to resuming production. We look forward to continuing our partnership with John Boyega’s UpperRoom Productions, in addition to our upcoming film They Cloned Tyrone in which he also stars.

The movie also stars AnnaSophia Robb, James Cromwell, Emory Cohen and Don Johnson.

Plot details are hard to come by, but the project is believed to explore systemic American injustice in the context of action, black humor, and suspense.

Hopefully Boyega’s family situation will have a happy ending.

It’s Official: John Boyega Will Return To Star In ‘Attack the Block’ Sequel

John Boyega is best known these days for starring in the Star Wars franchise, but before he was making the big bucks, he starred in a sci-fi comedy flick titled Attack the Block.

Believe it or not, this film was actually his feature film debut way back in 2011. The story follows a teenage street gang forced to defend themselves from alien invaders, which is a fantastic premise.

The movie, which was received well by critics, performed poorly at the box office, only to find cult-like fame soon after its run in theaters.

Now, they’re ready for a sequel. According to the report, Boyega will return to star in the sequel, Attack the Block 2. Joe Cornish, who wrote and directed the original film, is also set to return.

He wrote the following:

I’m thrilled we’re officially announcing our return to the world of ‘Attack The Block’ on the tenth anniversary of the film’s release. I can’t wait to work alongside John again, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action.

As for Boyega? Safe to say he’s just as excited…

No word on when filming might begin, but we’ll keep you posted.

John Boyega Set To Star Alongside Robert De Niro In Upcoming Heist Film ‘The Formula’

Back when the George Floyd protests were sweeping across the nation, John Boyega was one of the loudest voices in Hollywood speaking out against police brutality and racism.

He worried at the time that his passion may negatively impact his career, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

Hollywood has embraced the 28-year-old actor, and now he’s about to star alongside Robert De Niro in an upcoming heist film called The Formula.

Gerard McMurray (The First Purge) will write, direct and produce the movie, which will find Boyega playing a Formula One racing prodigy who is forced to become a getaway driver to save the only family he has left.

Certainly sounds like it could be great. The project was purchased by Netflix, and they like to move quickly, so expect this movie to enter production soon.

That being said, De Niro is a busy dude. He just wrapped filming with John Malkovich on the indie film ‘Wash Me in the River’ and he is also set to co-star in David O. Russell’s upcoming movie, which also stars Margot Robbie and Christian Bale.

By the way, Boyega is busy as well. He’s currently filming ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ with Jamie Foxx.

John Boyega Calls Out Disney For Marginalizing Diverse Characters In ‘Star Wars’ Films

John Boyega is not afraid to speak his mind. We all know this. He was one of the most passionate/raw celebrities during the George Floyd protests, even stating that he didn’t care if no one in Hollywood wanted to work with him anymore.

Boyega speaks from his heart, and during an interview with British GQ, the 28-year-old former ‘Star Wars‘ actor called out Disney for “pushing him to the side” and giving all the love to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley’s white characters in the films.

You get yourself involved in projects and you’re not necessarily going to like everything. [But] what I would say to Disney is do not bring out a black character, market them to be much more important in the franchise than they are and then have them pushed to the side. It’s not good. I’ll say it straight up.

You knew what to do with these other people, but when it came to Kelly Marie Tran, when it came to John Boyega, you know f**k all. So what do you want me to say? What they want you to say is, ‘I enjoyed being a part of it. It was a great experience…’ Nah, nah, nah. I’ll take that deal when it’s a great experience.

Wow. He’s certainly not holding back, and honestly, I think him saying this is more of a risk than anything he said during the Floyd protests.

Why? Because Disney basically owns 50% of Hollywood now. If he makes enemies at Disney, he’s basically shutting himself out of 50% of the industry.

It’s a bold move, and we certainly don’t blame him for speaking his mind. You can’t be afraid of these powerful organizations/studios.

Once you’re afraid, they win.

Check Out John Boyega In First Look Image For ‘Naked Singularity’

‘Star Wars‘ actor John Boyega has been one of the more vocal celebrities on the Black Lives Matter movement. He’s been constantly posting online about the movement and has not held back with his wording, calling out white racists on his social media accounts.

And it looks like the studio behind his most recent film wants to take advantage of his name being in the headlines.

A first look image of John Boyega in the film ‘Naked Singularity‘ was shared on Variety this week.

Naked Singularity centers on a rising star in the New York public defenders’ office (Boyega) who starts to question the criminal justice system after losing a case that results in his suspension.

Doubting all he has worked for, and on the edge of a mental breakdown, his life unravels as he is pulled into a high-stakes heist by a unpredictable young defendant (Olivia Cooke).

This movie marks the directorial debut of Chase Palmer, the writer behind the 2017 ‘It‘ film.

Naked Singularity is expected to be released later this year. Hopefully a trailer is released soon!

‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Forced To Apologize For “Badly Worded” Comments

Actor John Boyega was forced to apologize this week for comments he made to Variety during a recent interview about the social media storms created by intense Star Wars fan.

He told Variety

Through social media, we get to engage, we get to have fun. But at the same time, for those who are not mentally strong, you are weak to believe in every single thing that you read. That’s, you know, it is what it is. I don’t know, for me anyway, when I see that [backlash], I’m like, well, that’s actually not true. But no, it is actually not true.

Fans thought he was referring to his ‘Star Wars’ co-star Kelly Marie Tran, who quit social media last year after months of harassment from Star Wars fans.

Boyega was quick to clarify his statement, though. He issued an apology and made it clear he was not talking about Tran directly…

In no way was I referring to Kelly when I made my comments although the interviewer mentioned her given the topic. I was really speaking from my own perspective throughout this franchise. Sometimes I’ve felt strong and sometimes I’ve felt weak. Badly worded though. I apologize.

There you have it, folks. No drama here. Keep on moving.

John Boyega Stars In Second Trailer For ‘Detroit’ Check Out The Intensity Inside!

I was still on the fence about ‘Detroit‘ after watching the first trailer, but this second trailer has pushed me over the fence. I am now looking forward to watching this movie.

Mainly because it promises to be filled with intense moments, and that’s something you should expect from a movie created by critically-acclaimed director Kathryn Bigelow and Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal. Their previous projects include The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty.

Detroit, which is set in 1967, is based on the Algiers Motel incident, in which three black men were killed during a race riot. The trailer you see at the bottom of this page will make you want to watch this movie. It’s the only trailer you need to see. And make sure you watch it all the way through. There is a surprise testimonial at the end.

Will Poulter, Anthony Mackie, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell and the wonderful John Boyega star in this movie. It’s set to be released August 4, 2017.

Watch Tom Hanks And Emma Watson Star In Trailer For Thriller Film ‘The Circle’

It might just be the basic white guy in me, but when I hear that Tom Hanks is starring in a movie, I automatically want to see the movie. It could be 90 minutes of Tom Hanks eating peanut butter out of a jar with a spork, and I’d pay $15 to watch it.

The Circle stars Emma Watson, John Boyega and Tom Hanks. Watson plays a smart young woman who lands a job at a powerful tech company. At first, it seems like a wonderful place to work, but “pretty soon, she starts to see the true cost of ultimate transparency.”

Also, Ellar Coltrane from Boyhood has a role in this film, so it’ll be fun to see him in a completely different character.

It’s scheduled to hit theaters April 28. It looks like the perfect movie for date night. Check out the official synopsis and trailer below…

“The Circle is a gripping modern thriller, set in the not-too-distant future, starring Emma Watson (“Harry Potter”), Tom Hanks (“Sully”) and John Boyega (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”). When Mae (Emma Watson) is hired to work for the world’s largest and most powerful tech & social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime.  As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks), to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom.  Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.”

‘Imperial Dreams’ Is Finally Getting The Release It Deserves, Check Out The Trailer Inside!

Typically, when a movie takes three years to find a wide release, there is an obvious reason. And that reason is because the movie sucks and no one wants to distribute it.

But that’s not the case with Netflix’s upcoming film, Imperial Dreams. The movie does not suck. In fact, critics have loved it and back in 2014, it won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival.

John Boyega, who is now best known for his lead role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, stars in this movie as a former convict looking to start a new life with his son in the Imperial Courts projects outside of Los Angeles. And you remember that strange trailer for ‘Kuso‘ we showed you yesterday? Well the director of that film, Flying Lotus, contributed the score for Imperial Dreams.

There is a lot of talent in this movie, and the trailer looks great. We’re glad it is finally getting the wide release it deserves, thanks to Netflix. It will be released on the streaming site on Feb 3, 2017.

Check out the trailer and official synopsis below…

“Bambi (John Boyega) wants to publish his credos and chronicles and start his career the way any other normal young writer would. For Bambi, however, normal is the quandary. “Normal” means returning to Watts, Los Angeles, after a 28-month jail stint to find his young son playing next to his strung-out grandmother. It’s normal for the patriarch of his family to offer Bambi pills, guns, and a drug-running job as a way to welcome him home. A normal visit from his cousin involves Bambi and son performing minor surgery to extract a bullet from his arm. Bambi meets this surreal, ghetto normal with equanimity, but he knows life can’t be “normal” like this for long.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer arrives and Silences the critics; at least for Now.



So the trailer for the new Star Wars movie finally hit the interweb and I have to say people are surprised.  Surprised and impressed.  From the start to the finish the trailer draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

The first character we see is an intense faced John Boyega.  Right then you tell yourself that Boyega is perfectly cast.  Not too big of a star and he is known already from his Sci-fi role in 2011 ‘Attack the Block’ and he is immediately believable.  We see him rockin the familiar Stormtrooper outfit and from that point on, all you can think of in your mind is, “It’s on”.

Then you see Daisy Ridley swoop in, and quickly it cuts over to Oscar Isaac piloting an X-wing leading  the other X-wings into formation, then the scene quickly flashes to what appears to be at least one of the films villains yielding a light saber.

OMG!  At this point you forget about Disney, you forget about all of your J.J. Abrams worries and your Star Wars senses are on overload.  You can’t handle anymore.  That’s when you see the Millennium Falcon swoop in and you hear the John Williams’’ classic Star Wars theme…….then your head explodes, or you applaud.  Or your head explodes while you are applauding.

For now the score is, Disney and JJ one, cynical doubting fans 0.  But this is just the first battle.  The scary part is there is so much more to come.   Enjoy the tease.