Yes! Yes! The ‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer is finally here and it Rocks!

Entourage Trailer Scene 2

Can you tell I’m excited? If you are a diehard fan of the show like me than you are not only eagerly awaiting this release, but you can already feel the sadness you will feel when the credits role. You might already be wishing that there is a sequel. We have been waiting for this project to hit theaters for a long time and it’s almost here.

This entire project has been plagued with so many issues that I thought it would fall the fate of the HBO promised “Soprano” movie that never happened. But after cashing in on two ‘Sex and the City’ movies and with Mark Wahlberg’s Hollywood mojo at an all-time high I began to have confidence in the project.

Back in September of 2012 the screen play was completed and put on ice. It wasn’t until October of 2013 that a deal was finally reached signing back every last person from the original cast with the shows creator Doug Ellin sitting in the director’s chair. What better way to maintain creative integrity? Filming began this February and we now get to take a glimpse at what the movie has in store for us.

Entourage Trailer Scene 3

Entourage Trailer Scene1

The movie is said to take place six months after the end of the series and I have to say, everyone looks great. No one has packed on weight or aged terribly in fact Turtle might have even lost more weight. The trailer has a look and feel of a longer episode which quite frankly at 22 minutes almost always left you wanting more. The last episode aired on September 11, 2011, nearly 3 years ago.

Entourage Trailer Scene4

I have to say this trailer is everything that I would expect and more. The movie is scheduled for release June 5th 2014. I have already tried to buy my ticket. (I’m not kidding) .

Watch and enjoy the trailer. I guarantee it will have you breaking out the box set!!

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Movie Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill for (2014) – They Didn’t Mess with a Winning Formula

sin city 3

A lot of my friends don’t understand my fascination with this movie franchise. Whenever I talk Sin City, they think I’m talking about that stupid sitcom with Michael J. Fox. But I’m not. I’m talking the dark, multiple plotlines seamlessly interwoven, star studded quirky, crazy masterpiece that is Sin City. So on hearing that a sequel was coming out, I was one of the first in line to check it out.

There are far too many storylines to summarize here, but expect to see a few favorites from the first film, like Marv (Mickey Rourke) Jessica Alba (as a significantly more edgy Nancy) and Rosiario Dawson as Gail. Also added is a fantastic Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny…pre-face change.

Fans of the original will not be disappointed. The noir is heavy, with black and white, and non-linear storytelling. Multiple intersecting plot points leave you twisting and turning. Watching this movie is a lot like watching someone weave a really complicated (and also incredibly bloody) tapestry. You’ll be surprised where things connect.

The women take charge of their own vendettas this time around, making the movie a bit more fun for female viewers (all 12 of them). Of course, some do well (Eva Green) some do poorly (Nancy) but they all have their own agendas.

sin city 4

sin city 1

Bruce Willis plays a dead person for a second time, and occasionally shows up to wail mournfully at Nancy. I’ll be honest; I teared up a little…just like I did in the first one. Damn you, Bruce Willis.

I will say this movie is nudity heavy, which usually annoys me, but this time it didn’t. The direction is so artistic all the nude parts seemed to fit. The direction might not have changed much since the first, but that’s ok when it’s this well done.

I didn’t think 3D was necessary and seemed like it was just a reason to charge an additional four bucks.

Also, I think that the sole reason for Mickey Rourke getting all that botched surgery was so he could play Marv. I just love that character and Rourke is ideal in the role, probably because he is used to walking around looking like a plastic faced monster. As Marv, he’s charming, bumbling and scary as hell.

Intersecting plots are done well in this screenplay and help us get closure on a couple of other story lines. It’s fast paced, with a lot going on, but it’s clear. The movie has a lot of style and a lot of action, which can be hard to pull off. There’s plenty of violent and gore, and I’m pretty sure this movie only just escaped an NC-17 rating

I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the first, because the producers did one major thing. They didn’t mess with a winning formula. Even though this sequel is coming a bit late, at almost a decade, it’s still worth the watch. Hopefully, they won’t take another 10 years to make a third.

WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


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sin city 2

Movie Review: The Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow - 1Tense,Exciting and full of Surprises.

Star Ratings

Oh, Tom Cruise, you will never give up will you? At the tender age of 51, you just keep trying. Sometimes, you hit the nail on the head, like “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” while other times you leave me staring at the screen going WTF? (see Oblivion). But this time, you might have just proven that you are not too old to keep playing angst filled action stars. It must be those boyish good looks.

The “Edge of Tomorrow” is a near future alien flick where an alien race is attacking earth and just giving it a good old fashioned smack down. Enter Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) a completely unseasoned military officer who has never seen a day of combat. Seeing how useless he is, the military sends him on a suicide mission, where he is almost instantly killed. Then starts a kick ass Groundhog Day premise, where Cage is forced to live out the same battle over and over and over again, getting increasingly better every single time. He is assisted in his mission by butt-kicking chick Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who is stuck in the same time loop with him. The only way they can escape it is to defeat the enemy.

Cruise seems to have gotten out of his ‘high-intensity all the time’ mold and has made this character more human and relatable. In most movies I’ve seen him in; he seems incapable of showing fear. In this one, he actually seems the best when he’s most afraid.

Edge of Tomorrow - 4

The premise is a good one and Cruise shines in these sci-fi style movies that he’s grown so much in. This is not your Cruise of Top Gun fame anymore. Instead, he’s a flawed captain who you want to see triumph.

I liked the fact that the female lead was tougher than the guy in this one and Blunt shines as Special Forces Warrior Rita. She isn’t just ‘the girl’ as often happens to females in action roles. Instead, she is a fully fleshed character in her own right, whose story unfolds throughout the movie.

Usually with these Groundhog Day movies, the repetition can become too drawn out and make you a bit sick of the movie. In this one, because Cruise gets a bit further each time, you never feel like you’re watching the same tedious scene over and over and over again. Instead, each new trip in the loop is filled with new revelations and new excitement. Cruise’s character goes through his own gradual transformation during these trips, no matter how many times he’s brutally killed.


Edge of Tomorrow - 3

As for my complaints on the movie, the special effects really weren’t that special. The aliens were giant metal space bugs…so overdone. Cruise has a scene where he has to make it to the bottom of the fully submerged Louvre. The scene is reminiscent of The Davinci Code…which is something that all movie makers should avoid under all circumstances.

Also, cruise in a giant metal suit is too overpowering. He looked like a little boy dressing up in his big brothers’ Transformer’s uniform.

But other than that, the movie is tense, exciting and full of surprises. If you every wanted to see what would happen if Groundhog Day had Transformers and giant metal space bugs, the Edge of Tomorrow is worth the watch.  Watch the official Trailer Below

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