The Legend Nicolas Cage Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters (VIDEO)

Nicolas Cage is one of the greats. Some people might think he’s a bad actor, but those people are silly and you shouldn’t listen to them. Cage has been making the headlines recently for his starring role in the awesome action-horror flick Mandy, which will surely go down as one of his best roles.

And just recently, Cage teamed up with GQ to break down his most iconic roles. This video is 20 minutes long, because well, every Nicolas Cage role is iconic…so there is a lot to break down.

Cage is a great person to interview because he doesn’t give you cheap answers. He’s honest and real with his answers, and that’s one of the reasons we love him.

The dude is a f**king legend, so please watch this video during your lunch break, while you’re taking a bath, walking the dog, eating dinner, having sex, etc. Make the time to watch it.