Watch The Brand New Trailer For Horror-Comedy ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

The upcoming A24 slasher flick, Bodies Bodies Bodies, is set to hit select theaters on August 5, 2022, and if it happens to be in your local theater, you should definitely check it out.

The film, which was directed by Halina Reijn, has received glowing reviews from critics who screened the film earlier this year at the SXSW festival. Everyone has described it as wildly entertaining.

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game turns deadly in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.

Bodies Bodies Bodies stars Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, Lee Pace, Maria Bakalova and Rachel Sennott.

Meagan Navarro, who writes for Bloody Disgusting, had this to say about the movie:

The deaths are brutal and bloody but somehow not nearly as savage as the cattiness amongst this group. The cast is more than up to the task of this bizarre and engaging but deadly social experiment. All play deeply flawed characters with varying degrees of rooting interest. But it’s Sennott’s abrasively blunt Alice that steals the entire film.

Check out the brand new trailer below…

Watch Trailer For Horror/Comedy Flick About A Possessed Pair Of Pants…WHAT?

There have been some pretty ridiculous horror/comedy films throughout history, but this upcoming ‘Slaxx‘ film may take the bloody cake.

This crazy film comes from our friends in Canada. The movie features a possessed pair of jeans. Killer jeans, if you will.

When a possessed pair of jeans begins to kill the staff of a trendy clothing store, it is up to Libby, an idealistic young salesclerk and a hew hire, to stop its bloody rampage.

The movie stars Romane Denis, Brett Donahue and Stephen Bogaert. Slaxx premiered at last year’s Fantasia Film Festival to what could only be described as “confused” reviews.

It was picked up by Shudder and will be released exclusively on the streaming service come March 18.

Watch the trailer below, and be very careful the next time you put on a pair of pants.

Watch The Highly Entertaining Trailer For Body Swap Horror-Comedy Film ‘Freaky’ Starring Vince Vaughn

Universal Pictures blessed us this week with the first trailer for ‘Freaky‘ starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton.

The body-swap horror comedy film stars Newton as a 17-year-old girl named Millie, who is stuck being the girl no one knows in high school.

But when she becomes the newest target of Vaughn’s Butcher, her town’s infamous serial killer, her senior year becomes the least of her worries.

When The Butcher’s mystical ancient dagger causes him and Millie to wake up in each other’s bodies, Millie learns that she has just 24 hours to get her body back before the switch becomes permanent and she’s trapped in the form of a middle-aged maniac forever. 

Obviously we’ve seen similar stories before (Freaky Friday for one) but they’ve mostly been straight comedies. The added element of horror should make this a fresh take on an old twist.

The trailer looks pretty entertaining, but you may want to stop halfway in, or else you risk seeing the entire movie.

It’s set to hit theaters November 13, 2020.

Watch Chance the Rapper Make His Film Debut In Trailer For A24 Film ‘Slice’

We know Chance the Rapper is an extremely talented musical artist, but did you know he can also act? That’s right. He will be making his film debut in the new horror film titled Slice.

The movie, which was directed by Chance’s longtime music video collaborator Austin Vesely, takes place in a small town where a handful of pizza delivery boys have been murdered while delivering pizzas.

Two delivery boys decide to put an end to the murders by teaming up together to catch the murderer. In addition to Chance, this horror comedy also stars the lovely Zazie Beets, Will Brill and Joe Keery.

The movie was actually filmed back in 2016/2017, so fans have been waiting for a long time. No word on why it took so long to release this movie, but it’s all good now. A24 has picked it up and they plan to release it later this year.

Check out the trailer below…

Director Behind ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’ Reveals His Next Project Will Be A Horror-Comedy With Blumhouse Productions And Red Hour

SYFY Wire just released an outstanding interview with filmmaker Eli Craig. If you don’t know who Craig is, well, he’s the genius behind Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. He also just released ‘Little Evil‘ on Netflix, which has been getting mostly positive reviews from critics.

In this interview, Craig gives out some fantastic advice to aspiring filmmakers, and talks about how it wasn’t exactly easy for him to “hit it big” in Hollywood.

He was asked what the best creative tip/advice he ever received was…

“I had this small role in this Clint Eastwood film called Space Cowboys. It was right when I was trying to figure out — I knew I was a decent writer but I really wanted to be directing my own stuff.  I would always watch what Clint Eastwood was doing. I had this moment to be on set with this legend. I was sitting next to him at video village. I don’t think he even noticed I was there. 

Finally, he looked over at me and I just had this moment. He started talking to me and he said, ‘What do you really want to do?’ I said, ‘You know what I really want to do? I want to figure out how to direct my own stuff.’ Clint looks at me and he kind of pulls his shades down, he goes, ‘You want to be a director?’ I was like, ‘Uh huh.’ He was like, ‘Then go be a director.’ Then he put his shades back on and called ‘Action.'”

It’s simple advice, but coming from someone like Eastwood, it was probably a bit more powerful. Anyone can say “Go do it,” but it means more when coming from an already successful person.

Craig also talked about his next project, which sounds very promising. He’s teaming up with Blumhouse Productions and Ben Stiller’s Red Hour company to create another horror/comedy…

“I’m working right now with Blumhouse. It’s actually a funny one because it’s Blumhouse and Red Hour. Red Hour is Ben Stiller’s company and everybody knows who Blumhouse is. It really is a comedy giant and a horror giant mushed together to do a corporate retreat disaster. I think it’s time to skewer the corporate world a bit. It’s basically a corporate retreat gone wrong.”

Watch: Christmas Gets Real Dark In New Trailer For Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’

Are you tired of spending the holidays with movies like Christmas with the Kranks? Are you ready for a legit horror-comedy Christmas film? If so, you’ll probably enjoy the trailer at the bottom of this page.

Legendary Pictures has released the official trailer for Michael Dougherty‘s Krampus. The film, which has been described as “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation meets The Evil Dead,” is scheduled to be released on December 4.

Leslie’s man candy from Parks & Rec, Adam Scott, stars in the film along with Emjay Anthony, Toni Collette, David Koechner and Allison Tolman. The original release date for Krampus was supposed to be November 25, 2015, but the release date was pushed back a week. Probably because of the tough competition in late November, which includes Victor Frankenstein, The Night Before and Creed.

You can check out the official synopsis and trailer below…

“Legendary Pictures’ Krampus, a darkly festive tale of a yuletide ghoul, reveals an irreverently twisted side to the holiday. When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max (Emjay Anthony) is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers.

All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive.”