‘Halloween Kills’ Pushed Back A Year, But A New Teaser Was Released

Halloween Kills‘ the latest installment in the ‘Halloween’ franchise was scheduled to hit theaters October 6, 2020.

But thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Universal Pictures has decided to be extra cautious. They just announced that they’ve pushed back the release date a full year. The movie will now be released October 15, 2021.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to Green’s 2018 ‘Halloween,’ which opened to $76.2 million (the highest opening in the horror franchise’s history) and ended its run with $159 million in the U.S. and $255 million globally.

The 2018 ‘Halloween’ film was made on a budget of just $10 million, so yeah, making over $250 million at the box office was a huge success.

And that’s probably why they’re being so cautious with this sequel. They need this film to perform well in theaters. Opening this fall is a little too risky for them, considering cases are still going up across the country as we enter mid-July.

The good news is that they released a teaser for the film to get you all excited.

Check it out below…

‘Halloween’ Grabs The Number One Spot At The Box Office, And ‘A Star Is Born’ Continues To Impress

As expected, ‘Halloween‘ continued to dominate the box office. After bringing in just over $77 million during its opening weekend, the ‘Halloween’ sequel stayed strong in its second weekend at the box office.

It earned the number one spot again this past weekend, bringing in $32 million, which was enough to beat ‘A Star Is Born‘ at $14 million. In total, it’s made over $170 million worldwide, which is a huge win for the studio.

Meanwhile, ‘A Star Is Born’ is doing work. It’s never been at the top of the box office, because it opened against a comic-book film, but it’s been at the number two spot for the past four weekends. That is truly impressive. It’s made over $100 million overseas, which means in total it’s made over $250 million at the box office.

It’s one of those rare films that is a smash at the box office and with award voters. It’ll likely be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could both be nominated for their acting as well.

If the Oscars want ratings, then this will certainly help. I can imagine a lot of people tuning in to see how the film performs.

‘Halloween’ Has Full Control Over Box Office, Grabs Second-Best Opening Ever In October

We warned you that ‘Halloween‘ could surprise some people this past weekend, and it did just that. While most experts predicted the sequel would make around $60 million during its opening weekend, there were a few people saying it could surprise everyone by bringing in over $70 million.

Halloween dominated the box office by bringing home $77.5 million. That’s the second-best opening ever for the month of October, only behind the $80 million opening of ‘Venom‘ earlier this month.

It’s also the best horror opening for a film with a female lead, which has to make Jamie Lee Curtis super happy.

She sent out the tweet you see below…



The great reviews from critics probably helped the film go beyond the early predictions. With actual Halloween only get closer, there is a good chance this movie continues to be near the top of the box office as the month of October closes out.

It’s been a wonderful month for Hollywood. As we mentioned above, Venom broke records earlier this month, A Star Is Born kicked butt and now Halloween is smashing records.

It looks like people still love going to the movies. Myself included.

Early Reports Say ‘Halloween’ Sequel Could Bring Home $65 Million During Opening Weekend

October has been lit for Hollywood at the box office. ‘Venom‘ was released on October 5 and had the highest debut ever for the month of October, bringing in just over $80 million during its opening weekend.

A Star Is Born‘ was also released October 5 and it earned over $40 million during its opening weekend. In total, it’s made close to $100 million domestically.

And now the studios are hoping the box office success continues with the upcoming ‘Halloween‘ sequel. Some experts believe the film, which is set to be released October 19, could earn $65 million during its opening weekend. That would be a HUGE win for Universal.

The studio is trying to downplay the predictions, though. They are hoping for a $50 million debut, which is obviously the safe bet.

But if the audience reacts well to the film, then it’s going to earn way more than $50 million, and possibly even more than $65 million.

“Even the lower part of that range would easily shatter records for the best launch in the ‘Halloween’ franchise. The 2007 reboot holds that distinction now with $26 million. “Halloween” also looks to notch one of the best starts for an R-rated horror film. Given its $10 million production budget, the scary sequel is on track to be hugely profitable.”

And that’s the thing. Horror movies are super profitable because they can be made with the studio’s loose change.

So even if the film makes just $50 million during its debut, it’s still a win for the studio.

Check Out A Brand New Trailer For ‘Halloween’ Starring Jamie Lee Curtis

I must say, this ‘Halloween‘ sequel is one of the movies I am most excited to see this fall. I know that goes against my hatred for sequels/remakes, but this movie looks so damn good.

One of the more excited things about this movie is that they’re ignoring all the sequels that followed the original Halloween film in 1978. This movie will act as a direct sequel, which gives them more to work with.

As you all know, Jamie Lee Curtis has returned as Laurie Strode, and she’s ready to end her nightmarish battle with Michael Myers once and for all.

Halloween will hit theaters on October 19, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. If it’s not, hit me up and tell me how disappointed you are. I’ll listen.

The Upcoming ‘Halloween’ Movie Gets An R Rating For “Horror Violence, Bloody Images, Brief Nudity” And More!

Would you like more information on the upcoming ‘Halloween‘ movie? Of course you do, and after the great trailer the studio released, we don’t blame you. This film looks legit.

And now we know Blumhouse didn’t try to water this thing down by going for a PG-13 rating.

It was announced this week that the film will officially be rated R for “horror violence and bloody images, language, brief drug use and nudity.”

So yeah, they are not holding anything back. That’s basically every single crude thing you can have in a movie. That should make fans of the original film very happy.

For those who don’t know, this sequel was created by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride

“[They] pitched a take on a new Halloween movie to Blumhouse that quickly received a greenlight: What if you discarded every Halloween sequel and picked up with Laurie Strode 40 years after the most traumatic night of her life?”

It sounds simple, but sometimes simple is best. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters October 19, 2018.

Michael Myers Has Returned, Watch The First ‘Halloween’ Trailer Inside

It’s only June, but it’s already starting to feel like Halloween. The first trailer for Universal/Blumhouse’s ‘Halloween‘ sequel has arrived.

The events of this film pick up as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is still living on high alert, waiting for Michael Myers to return so she can have her revenge. Her house is stocked with weapons and traps, ready for when Myers escapes from a mental institution.

At CinemaCon back in April, Curtis talked about how excited she was to be returning to the horror franchise…

“Except for Star Wars, I can’t think of another movie where the same actor is playing the same part 40 years later, and that in and of itself is worth celebrating. It’s old school meets new school with Laurie at the center of it. And it’s going to scare the living shit out of all of you.”

This film is scheduled to hit theaters October 19, 2018. Check out the trailer below…IT LOOKS SCARY AS HELL!