Check Out The Latest Trailer For ‘Bumblebee’ Starring Hailee Steinfeld

You know it’s a slow movie news day when we’re sharing the latest trailer for ‘Bumblebee‘ with you all.

The sixth installment in the ‘Transformers‘ franchise will be acting as a prequel to 2007’s ‘Transformers’ film. No one asked for this movie, but Hollywood is giving it to us.

I guess the one thing interesting about this movie is that it kinda looks a coming-of-age story. Or I guess more accurately, it looks like there is a story, which is a nice change from TRANSFORMERS, EXPLOSIONS, ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, ALIENS!

As mentioned in the title, Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena and Pamela Adlon. I love all three of those actors, so maybe I am kinda excited for this movie…just don’t tell anyone.

Bumblebee will hit theaters December 21, 2018. Check out the trailer below…

Watch Hailee Steinfeld In The Hilarious Trailer For New Coming-Of-Age Film ‘The Edge of Seventeen’


I know explosions, car chases, 3D technology, superheroes and talking animals are huge right now, but my heart will always belong to simple coming-of-age films. Last month, we told you about A24’s coming-of-age movie titled Morris From America, which looks absolutely incredible.

And now this month we have another coming-of-age trailer to show you. The Edge of Seventeen is promised to be “an honest, candid, often hilarious look at what it’s like to grow up as a young woman in today’s modern world.”

This character-driven film is the feature directorial debut of Kelly Fremon. She also wrote the script, and managed to get Academy Award winner James L. Brooks to jump on as a producer. The legendary filmmaker is responsible for several great films: Broadcast News, Jerry Maguire (producer), and Terms of Endearment. It’s hard not to get excited when you hear his name attached to a movie.

Hailee Steinfeld stars as high school junior Nadine, an awkward teenager who basically has Captain America for an older bother. The trailer shows us how her life gets even more complicated when her best friend starts dating her brother. The best parts of the trailer are the scenes between Nadine and her history teacher played by Woody Harrelson.

The Edge of Seventeen will hit theaters September 30. Check out the synopsis and trailer below…

“Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) and Krista (Hayley Lu Richardson) are inseparable best friends who are both in high school. That changes when Nadine discovers Krista has secretly been dating Nadine’s older brother (Blake Jenner), a popular and handsome soccer player whom Nadine despises. They soon discover there’s a fine line between best friends and worst enemies.”


Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 – Almost As Fun As The First

pitch_perfect_anna_kendrick_a_l - 29MAY2015

I’ve never been a big one for musicals. I’m one of the few people that used to fast forward through all of the singing parts in Glee. One thing I like about Pitch Perfect is that despite the fact that it’s about music, it isn’t too heavy on the music. The characters aren’t randomly bursting into song every three minutes, which made this premise tolerable for me. But it’s really the humor that sells it. While I will say the story is there, it’s a bit been there done that.

In this installment, we are again introduced to a perky acapella singing group, after they suffer an embarrassing mishap onstage. They then fight to get into an international acapella competition to redeem themselves and their group. To be honest, this premise was almost exactly the same as the first. If you really need to know it, just go watch Pitch Perfect. The only thing that changed is the venue.

Luckily, the snarky humor was there. It still has the breezy humor of the first, and is a movie that makes you fall in love with it, as it makes fun of itself. The actors brought the same energy they had and when it comes to laughs and dialog, it didn’t fall flat.

One area where it did fail was the failure to use Kendric. While the first movie really centered on her, she’s more of an afterthought in this one. That’s a shame, because I like my heroines with a bit of edge. She’s still edgy in this one, but we just don’t see as much of her.

Pitch Perfect 2 two - 29MAY2015

Pitch perfect 2 Moive stills - 29MAY2015

This time around, it’s Rebel Wilson who takes center stage. That’s a bit of a problem, as Wilson is and always has been a one note character. She had charm and great comic shtick, but a little of her goes a long way and focusing the film around her felt kind of exhausting. I feel like if they’d toned her down a bit, it would have been more tolerable.

The music is a bit overproduced for something that’s supposed to be acapella. It’s almost too perfect and it causes a bit of a disconnect between the story and the sound. The scenes with the other groups in the international competition were amusing, but they went a bit too far with the stereotypes and turned every other country into a weird cliché.

There are a bit too many storylines going on as well. They really didn’t need to add as much as they did. There were lots of side plots about Beca’s secret internship that really didn’t need to be there. I also wasn’t 100% sure why she was hiding it. I mean, she’s a senior in college. Of course she’s going to secure her future, right? They could have removed that part entirely and the movie wouldn’t have suffered for it. It also would have felt a bit cleaner.

I will say it was worth the watch. It just wasn’t quite as good at the first go-around.

WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


[youtube id=”KBwOYQd21TY” width=”680″ height=”383″]


Pitch-Perfect-2-2015-movie-poster - 29MAY2015