‘The Purge 3’ Will NOT Be About The First Purge


Today is a good day, folks. The producers working on the Purge franchise and the creators of Platinum Dunes productions, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, have shot down the prequel rumor surrounding the third Purge film.

During an interview with Collider, they were asked directly about those rumors claiming this third film would revolve around the first Purge.

“I read that too about the first night of The Purge.  We don’t know anything about that.  I read that and I haven’t heard that so I’m not sure what that was.  The material that we’re considering right now [for ‘The Purge 3’] is not the first night of The Purge.”

I know some fans out there were really excited about the idea, but a lot of fans (myself included) were not exactly thrilled with it. Prequels to horror films are notoriously awful.

So what will this third movie be about? We still don’t know, but we have been hearing rumors that Frank Grillo will be returning. We know he wants to return, and Fuller certainly left the door open in this recent interview.

“Listen, we loved working with him and we thought that he was so good in that role and, you know, if it works to have him back we would really be very excited about that.”

As we reported earlier this month, The Purge 3 will not be released until next year. We will continue to keep you updated. We are sure there will be more details coming out later this year.