Shailene Woodley And Felicity Jones Set To Star In ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’

If you’re wondering what Shailene Woodley and Felicity Jones will be doing this fall, well, wonder no more!

The two stars have officially signed on to star/exec produce the upcoming film, ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover

The love story will start filming later this month in Spain and the U.K.

In addition to Woodley and Jones, the movie will also star Joe Alwyn and Callum Turner. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes.

The story follows Ellie (Jones), a young female journalist in contemporary London who uncovers a series of love letters in the archives which tell the story of an intensely romantic but star-crossed affair in the 1960s between Jennifer Stirling (Woodley) and Anthony O’Hare (Turner). As Ellie is drawn into the story, she becomes obsessed with discovering the lovers’ identities and finding out how their love story ends.

Sounds like it has potential, eh? I’m hopeful. At first, I confused “Callum Turner” with “Calum Worthy” and I was like, “Wow. The dude from American Vandal is going to be starring in a romantic drama? Good for him!”

Anyway, that was pointless to tell you all. No word on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

Watch Felicity Jones Star As A Young Ruth Bader Ginsburg In First Trailer For ‘On The Basis Of Sex’

Last week was incredibly slow in the movie trailer world, so hopefully things pick up this week. We are certainly off to a good start with the first trailer for ‘On The Basis Of Sex‘ being released.

In the movie, the talented Felicity Jones transforms into a young version of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The British actress seems to have no problem taking on Ginsburg’s strong Brooklyn accent.

The biopic centers on Ginsburg as a young lawyer who teams up with her husband Marty (Armie Hammer) to bring “what becomes a landmark gender discrimination case before the U.S. Court of Appeals.”

This film could be a surprise hit, so don’t sleep on it. It’s scheduled to be released on Christmas, which means the studio believes in this movie. Check out the trailer below…

The New ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Has Finally Arrived, And It’s Probably The Best One Yet (VIDEO)


Fans have been waiting months for a new Rogue One trailer, and their patience was rewarded last night during the Olympics.  The two minute clip was definitely worth the wait as fans got their first glimpse of Darth Vader, at least the back of him…for like one second, but that’s really all you need for such a legendary character.

There is a lot of action packed inside this trailer and it’s clear they’re not holding back from showing the true horrors of war. It’s a nice mix of styles and it looks like fans should be happy with the direction Gareth Edwards is taking things. Of course, he’s no stranger to blockbusters filled with action. He directed the 2014 version of Godzilla.

Rogue One stars Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Riz Ahmed, Forest Whitaker, and Mads Mikkelsen. The first standalone Star Wars film will follow young outcast/thief Jyn Ergo as she joins the Rebel Alliance in a mission to “take down the still-in-development Death Star.”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters December 16, and you can bet it will be a huge hit. You can check out the new trailer below. Try not to freak out inside your office. Play it cool.


‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Has Released Its First Trailer, Check It Out Inside!


It’s time to get excited. The first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released Thursday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America. It’s something fans have been waiting for ever since they heard filming had started last summer.

And while this trailer is pretty awesome, it’s mainly focused on setting things up and introducing everyone to Felicity Jones’ character Jyn Erso. She’s a little bit of an anti-hero, and those seem to be super hot right now, so this trailer should please most fans.

The film was directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) and it features an impressive cast. In addition to Jones, you have Alan Tudyk, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen and Ben Mendelsohn. Rogue One tells the story of a band of rebels and their attempt to steal plans for the Death Star.

During Star Wars Celebration last year, Edwards talked a little about his inspiration for this movie and how he was looking forward to creating “a grittier take on the franchise, citing Saving Private Ryan as one of several inspirations.”

Check out the trailer below. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters December 16, 2016.


Movie Review: True Story – Tailor Made for James Franco; Everyone Else Couldn’t Seem To Pull it Off.


I have a theory that you can’t throw a rock in Hollywood without hitting James Franco. For some reason, it feels like he’s in everything. While Franco is best known for his comedic roles, he’s been known to pull out a bit of drama as well. True Story does show some true talent from him, but not so much from fellow comedic actor Jonah Hill.

The movie is a bit of “In Cold Blood.” We have disgraced journalist Michael Finkel (Johan Hill), a man who has recently been fired from his prestigious job at The New York Times for fabricating details of a major story. In order to get his credibility back, he scores himself an interview with Christian Longo (James Franco) a high profile murderer in jail for killing his wife and children.

First off, True Story is based on a true story. The horrific killings occurred in 2001, when Longo’s wife and children were found murdered and floating in suitcases thrown into the Lint Slough, a waterway in Oregon. Longo fled to avoid prosecution and was eventually located and arrested in Mexico. He was sentenced to death in 2003.

The story occurs while Longo is on trial, and before he took responsibility for the killings. The manipulation between the two characters does bring back In Cold Blood, the major difference in this case being that Longo is a far more intelligent adversary.

What I particularly like about this story is how Finkel is portrayed. The movie was adapted from Michael Finkel’s own book on the subject. In that book, Finkel was particularly brave, portraying himself as arrogant, gullible and completely unethical. That’s not something journalists are really known for.

It doesn’t shine through into the film. While Hill has proven his chops as a dramatic actor, the feel of the character from Finkel’s book isn’t there. He comes across as flat, if a bit prickly and intolerable.



Playing Longo was a breakthrough role for Franco when it comes to dramatic acting. Anyone who knows the story knows that Longo got the press talking to him through manipulation and flattery. This is a skill he used to great effect on Finkel and in that portrayal, Franco becomes a man you love to hate. As the movie goes on, Franco keeps getting shiftier and slowly draws out the suspense. I’m impressed with any movie that can do this when everyone knows what happened anyway.

The shame here is Hill came across as blank and vapid, not playing a believable foil to Longo’s manipulation. The other side characters also seem a bit one note and many times, completely unnecessary.

True Story could have been a very good story. It seemed tailor made for James Franco. Everyone else can’t seem to pull it off. Just because we all know the ending doesn’t mean the story can’t have a great amount of suspense. It seems like Franco was the only one who understood that.

Due to that, this became a bit of a disappointing effort. Two funny men tried to do drama, but only one really pulled it off.

WE GAVE IT: 3.5 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

3.5 stars



[youtube id=”Y_NiP_bqlns” width=”639″ height=”383″]


Felicity Jones And Aaron Paul Teaming Up For ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Movie


The rumors surrounding this 2016 Star Wars stand-alone film have been insane this week. There are obviously huge things happening behind that Disney curtain, and it looks like we now know who is behind that curtain with them.

According to multiple sources, Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) will be grabbing the female lead in the Star Wars spinoff from director Gareth Edwards. The Oscar-nominated actress will reportedly be starring in the film with Price Is Right contestant Aaron Paul.

But none of this has been confirmed. We have also heard reports that Edgar Ramirez (Deliver Us From Evil) could steal the male lead away from Paul.

It’s worth noting that the project hired a new writer last week. Chris Weitz will join the team to replace Gary Whitta, the writer behind the first draft. Speaking of the first draft, which characters will this stand-alone be focusing on? We have no idea.

Disney refuses to comment on the rumors; however, when news of the Star Wars spinoff was released, Disney CEO Bob Iger did mention they will focus on ‘great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga.”

At this moment, the release date for this film is scheduled for Dec. 16, 2016.

Movie Review: Theory of Everything (2014) – Intelligent, Well done but Not Deep Enough for an Oscar

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawkn The Theory of Everything

In an industry that is focused on spitting out a new biographical movie about Johnny Cash every 15 minutes, it’s hard to find a biographical movie about someone I’d actually like to watch. All that changed when I saw “Theory of Everything” a movie based on the life of Stephen Hawking.

Starring Eddie Redmayne (“Les Misérables”) and Felicity Jones (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”), this film follows the life of the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. But it’s not all math and earth shattering scientific theory. Instead, there’s a love story thrown in when Stephen meets a fellow student at Cambridge, Jane Wylde. It follows Stephen after he got his earth shattering diagnosis at the age of 21, and continues on through his life and his major works. The movie was based on Jane Hawkins book Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen and is directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (“Man on Wire”)

Whenever Hollywood puts out a movie based on a living subject, they tend to paint that subject with a lighter brush. This is no “Mommy Dearest”. You’re not going to discover any shocking revelations here. I think the most successful biographic movies change the way you think about the person. In this case, while I might know a bit more about Stephen Hawking, the way I think of Stephen Hawking hasn’t changed.

That is not to say that this movie still isn’t hard hitting. We watch as Hawking goes from a healthy boy sprinting across campus, to an incapacitated man who can’t even speak. Despite that, he maintains that air of eccentricity that we all know genius physicists have.



I think a good part of this was due to the incredibly skilled acting of Eddie Redmayne. He was able to fill both roles easily, the roll of Hawking as the young, healthy man, and the role of Hawking as the older and incapacitated one, and create a seamless transition. Facility Jones pulled her own weight as well, playing the indefatigable Jane with grace and sensitivity. It would be a shame if these two leads didn’t get an Oscar nod for their performance.

This movie is pure Oscar bait, but I don’t think it goes deep enough to actually win the award. It feels restrained, like they were afraid to insult the title character. To be honest, I can’t blame them. I’d be afraid to piss of Stephen Hawking too. The man is a genius physicist and I’m pretty sure he could blow up my house using Google maps if he wanted to.

The fact is, we see what we already know of Hawking. We watching him face insurmountable odds to become one of the most brilliant minds physics had ever seen. We watch his supportive wife, sticking by his side through thick and thin. We see a tortured genius and the woman that loves him.

Holy crap, this is a bit like a Johnny Cash movie.

It’s a bit too superficial in my opinion to win much at the Oscars, but it’s still an extremely well done, intelligent movie. This is no 12 Years a Slave, but it is still worth the watch.

WE GIVE IT: 4.5 STARS!  Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below.

four and a half stars


[youtube id=”OUpl0HDGq1Q” width=”680″ height=”383″]