Upcoming ‘Entourage’ Movie Gets A New Trailer, Watch The Madness Inside!

When the first ‘Entourage‘ trailer was released back in December of last year, it was easy to see just how excited we were. If you need a refresher, click on this link to relive the excitement.

Now a few months later, Warner Bros., is teasing us again with the second trailer. And just like the first trailer, this one is filled with hilarious celebrity appearances. This new trailer also shows that Vince (Adrian Grenier) is ready to control his own future, but unfortunately for him that involves letting everything get completely out of control.

But really, this trailer is all about the spectacular cameos.  You have Warren Buffett, Tom Brady, Mark Wahlberg (who was a producer on the show), Bob Saget, Gary Busey, Kelsey Grammer, and the list goes on and on.

The movie was directed by the creator of the series, Doug Ellin. He also helped write the screenplay with Rob Weiss.

You will not want to miss this film when it hits theaters June 5. Most people go to the movies to be entertained, right? Well, this movie looks like it could be one of the most entertaining films of the summer.

Check out the trailer below…

Yes! Yes! The ‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer is finally here and it Rocks!

Entourage Trailer Scene 2

Can you tell I’m excited? If you are a diehard fan of the show like me than you are not only eagerly awaiting this release, but you can already feel the sadness you will feel when the credits role. You might already be wishing that there is a sequel. We have been waiting for this project to hit theaters for a long time and it’s almost here.

This entire project has been plagued with so many issues that I thought it would fall the fate of the HBO promised “Soprano” movie that never happened. But after cashing in on two ‘Sex and the City’ movies and with Mark Wahlberg’s Hollywood mojo at an all-time high I began to have confidence in the project.

Back in September of 2012 the screen play was completed and put on ice. It wasn’t until October of 2013 that a deal was finally reached signing back every last person from the original cast with the shows creator Doug Ellin sitting in the director’s chair. What better way to maintain creative integrity? Filming began this February and we now get to take a glimpse at what the movie has in store for us.

Entourage Trailer Scene 3

Entourage Trailer Scene1

The movie is said to take place six months after the end of the series and I have to say, everyone looks great. No one has packed on weight or aged terribly in fact Turtle might have even lost more weight. The trailer has a look and feel of a longer episode which quite frankly at 22 minutes almost always left you wanting more. The last episode aired on September 11, 2011, nearly 3 years ago.

Entourage Trailer Scene4

I have to say this trailer is everything that I would expect and more. The movie is scheduled for release June 5th 2014. I have already tried to buy my ticket. (I’m not kidding) .

Watch and enjoy the trailer. I guarantee it will have you breaking out the box set!!

[youtube id=”Vz2HyCgUWh4″ width=”633″ height=”383″]