Elsie Fisher And ‘Minari’ Star Alan S. Kim Set To Star In Dark Comedy ‘Latchkey Kids’

Two young actors in Hollywood are joining together to star in the upcoming dark comedy film, Latchkey Kids.

The movie features Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher and Alan S. Kim, who just had a breakout role in the drama film Minari, which is getting rave reviews from critics.

So what will the ‘Latchkey Kids’ be about? Deadline explains:

The dark comedy follows Shae (Kim), a bright nine year old boy, who befriends an eccentric teenage girl (Fisher), looking to escape her troubling life that her mother has created for her, all the while the local enforcement believe the boy might be offing his babysitters.

The movie was written by Meaghan Cleary and it’ll be directed by John J. Budion, who previously shot the coming-of-age drama Rockaway.

According to the report, production will begin in June, which means the film could be released as early as November/December, although that probably depends on if the studio believes it’s worthy of an award season run.

We will keep you posted as more information is released.