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November 28, 2017 - 0 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky fell in love while making ‘mother!‘ and now it looks like they fell out of love while promoting it. As most of you know, the two stars dated for a...

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September 22, 2017 - 0 Comments

Earlier this week, we told you that Paramount was defending their decision to release Darren Aronofsky’s film ‘mother!‘ in over 2,000 theaters across the country. The film made just $7.5 million in its opening weekend,...

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September 18, 2017 - 1 Comments

Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!‘ film caused a lot of ruckus this past weekend. Some people refused to watch it simply because it had Jennifer Lawrence in it. Donald Trump supporters currently hate her because she may...

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August 8, 2017 - 0 Comments

The full trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!‘ has been released, and you should be excited for this because Darren is responsible for Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream and The Wrestler. We can just forget...

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April 5, 2014 - 0 Comments

Gladiator Gets Religion Everyone’s favorite bible story is back again. This new installment stars the even-tempered Russell Crow are the movie’s headliner. Noah is the story of an animal hoarder (Russell Crowe) who builds a...

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