Chris Evans Set To Star Alongside Emily Blunt In Upcoming Netflix Film ‘Pain Hustlers’

Emily Blunt has already been cast in the upcoming Netflix crime-drama, Pain Hustlers, and now we are learning Chris Evans is just moments away from joining her.

Deadline is reporting that the 41-year-old actor is in final negotiations, which basically means it’s a done deal.

The movie, which is being directed by David Yates, was picked up by Netflix for a cool $50 million. It’s clear they have extreme faith in this project.

The movie centers on Liza Drake (Blunt), a high-school dropout dreaming of a better life for her and her young daughter. Liz lands a job with a failing pharmaceutical startup in a yellowing strip mall in Central Florida. Her charm, guts and drive catapult the company and her into the high life, where she soon finds herself at the center of a criminal conspiracy with deadly consequences.

The script was written by Wells Tower. Production is scheduled to begin in August, so this deal with Evans should be finalized real soon.

According to insiders, this movie is supposed to have a similar feel to American Hustle, The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street.

We’ll keep you posted as more casting news comes out.

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson Come Together For Upcoming Holiday Action Movie ‘Red One’

Are you ready for a little bit of action with your holiday? We got you covered. It was announced this week that Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson will star together in the upcoming film, Red One.

Amazon Studios is developing the film, which is based on an original story from Hiram Garcia, president of production at Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions.

The film is being described as a “globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy, imagining a whole new universe to explore within the holiday genre.”

Amazon Studios is developing the film, alongside Seven Bucks.

Red One will be directed by Jake Kasdan (who previously teamed with Johnson and Seven Bucks on the blockbuster ‘Jumanji’ franchise) and written by Chris Morgan (who collaborated on ‘Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw,’ ‘The Fate of the Furious,’ ‘Furious 7,’ ‘Fast & Furious 6’ and ‘Fast Five’).

Reports say they are hoping to film this action piece sometime this year, which means it could possibly be released in time for Christmas this year, but more likely it’ll be released Christmas 2023.

In the meantime, you can catch Evans alongside Ryan Gosling in the upcoming Netflix spy film, The Gray Man.

Chris Evans Reportedly In Talks To Play Gene Kelly In Movie Produced By Rian Johnson

Some big Chris Evans news today. The 40-year-old actor is reportedly deep in talks to play the legendary actor Gene Kelly in an upcoming film, which was actually based on an original idea from Evans.

Sources close to the project claim the still untitled film would follow a 12-year-old boy who works on the MGM lot in the 1950s. During his time on the lot, he finds an imaginary friend in Kelly while working on his latest film.

Though a studio is not yet attached to the project, Evans is set to produce the film alongside Logan, who is also writing the script. Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman will produce through their company T-Street Productions, as will Mark Kassen.

Of course, Evans and Johnson worked together in 2019 on Knives Out, which was a box office smash and resulted in a sequel, which is currently in post production.

If this deal goes through, it’ll only add to Evans’ busy promotional and filming schedule.

His current projects include the animated film ‘Lightyear,’ in which he voices iconic ‘Toy Story’ character Buzz Lightyear. He is also starring in ‘The Gray Man,’ the Russo Brothers’ latest directorial effort about a former CIA agent-turned-fugitive (Ryan Gosling) who is hunted down by his former colleague (Evans).

We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Scarlett Johansson And Chris Evans Joining Forces Once Again For Upcoming Romantic Adventure ‘Ghosted’

Marvel teammates Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans will be teaming up again for the upcoming romantic action-adventure film, Ghosted.

The movie is set to be directed by Dexter Fletcher. He’s the director behind Rocketman, which was an absolutely brilliant film. It was one of the more entertaining movies I’ve seen in a long time. A feel-good piece.

In addition to Fletcher’s directing talents, the script for this project was written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the writers of Deadpool and Zombieland.

According the report, Johansson and Evans haven’t signed just yet, but they’re in advanced negotiations. It’s hard to imagine the deal not going through.

Apple Studios will fund this flick…

This becomes the latest deal for David Ellison’s Skydance, which is coming off the Chris Pratt-starrer The Tomorrow War, which was distributed by Amazon. It gives another plum title for Apple, which just opened the Sundance sensation CODA, and is in production on the Martin Scorsese-directed Killers of the Flower Moon, the Will Smith-Antoine Fuqua film Emancipation, and upcoming is the Ridley Scott-directed Kitbag with Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte and Jodie Comer as his wife Josephine.

No word on when production is set to begin, but we’ll keep you posted as more details are released.

Sources Say Chris Evans Returning To ‘Captain America’ Role But He Says…NO?

A new report from Deadline claims Chris Evans is planning on reprising his role as Captain America in an upcoming movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The report states that it won’t be a ‘Captain America’ movie, but he will instead pop up in another Avengers’ standalone flick.

These insiders didn’t give any other details, so the report was basically, “We heard he might return to some Marvel movie sometime in the future.”

As the rumors spread online, Evans jumped on his Twitter account to write, “News to me,” with a shrug emoji attached to the tweet.

He didn’t say anything else on the report and Marvel has not commented on the speculation either.

It’s worth noting that Evans has a bunch of projects lined up that have nothing to do with Captain America. He will be voicing Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s ‘Lightyear‘ film, which is set to be released in 2022.

He will next star opposite Ryan Gosling in ‘The Gray Man,’ which will reunite him with his ‘Avengers’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

So yeah, he’s doing just fine outside the Marvel Universe.

Chris Evans Joins Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Film, Which Already Has Impressive Cast

Wow. Adam McKay is building one of the most impressive casts in recent history for his upcoming Netflix film, Don’t Look Up.

It was just announced that Chris Evans will join the project, which is huge news, but it’s kinda like, “Oh, another one? Yawn.” because so many stars have already been attached to this project.

This movie already has Jennifer Lawrence, Timothee Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Kid Cudi, and let’s throw in Matthew Perry as well.

That is truly impressive. I mean, sometimes movies with so many stars fail because you have all these big personalities coming together, but McKay is talented enough to handle it all.

McKay will write, direct and co-produce along with Kevin Messick under McKay’s Hyperobject Industries Banner.

The film follows two low-level astronomers who embark on a media tour to warn mankind of an approaching asteroid that will destroy Earth. Details are unknown of who Evans would be playing.

It certainly sounds like an interesting premise, and with all this incredible talent attached, I have high hopes for this movie.

Filming is currently happening right now in Boston, which means it should be released sometime in 2021. We’ll keep you posted.

Watch Chris Evans In The Intense Trailer For Netflix Film ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’

Chris Evans and his beard star in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming film, The Red Sea Diving Resort.

In the movie, Evans plays Ari Kidron, a Mossad agent who led one of the most daring rescue missions in history.

The story begins in the late ’70s when the spy agency was given an assignment far different from its usual cloak-and-dagger activities when it was ordered to help in the transfer of thousands of Ethiopian Jews who were stuck in refugee camps in Sudan and deliver them to the Jewish state. The Mossad’s Red Sea Diving Resort operated for five years and saved thousands of refugees and brought them to Israel.

In addition to Evans, Michael Kenneth Williams, Haley Bennett and Greg Kinnear also star in the film.

This trailer paints a pretty intense picture and does a pretty good job of selling the movie. And considering you won’t even have to put on pants or leave your bed to watch it, why not give it a try?

It’ll hit Netflix on July 31, 2019. Check out the trailer below…

Movie Review: Captain America Civil War


So this was probably one of the most anticipated movies of the spring, despite the fact that it was up against some intense competition, with Jungle Book and Mother’s Day being strong performers. However, I was pretty sure this one would take the number one spot, as it’s already set records outside the US. And for once, a big budget blockbuster is pleasing critics and hitting all the right notes with audiences.

And it had a lot of notes to hit.

The film opens in 1991, with a frozen Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) being thawed out for another in a series of murderous missions. One after another, the code words needed to activate the killer are spoken: “daybreak … furnace … homecoming … freight car …” Flash forward to present-day Lagos, where an Avengers squad made up of Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) is foiling the theft of a biological weapon. There’s a shit ton of casualties and it all goes downhill for the Avengers from there when they have to submit for government oversight.


There’s a lot going on, but they managed to balance it pretty well. I never got too confused, despite a cast of what feels like millions. They go through ever doggone country in the world and tie in every other franchise that Joss Wheaton ever read a comic on, and they never stop moving. All the actors blended into their characters, and there’s a lot of characters to keep straight.

But for the most part, I still knew what was going on, because the plot’s pretty straight forward. They don’t want to deal with United Nations regulators telling them what to do, despite the wake of destruction they often leave. It doesn’t become a one sided argument, because it argues the point from both sides. I mean, when you see what they leave behind when they’re being heroic, you can kind of see the government’s point.

“Yeah, guys, you got that lady’s purse back from a mugger, but there were 45 civilian casualties and your caused $85 billion worth of damage to the city. Maybe next time, don’t start with the nuclear option?”


It all eventually culminates in one of the best battle scenes I’ve ever seen. It should have been confusing, or too much, but it wasn’t. The direction is subtle but the action is perfectly choreographed, which is why I never felt like it was too much, when this movie should be the definition of too much. There’s a method to this madness, and I didn’t even resent the over the top ads for future movies.

The latest offering of Captain America is a misnomer, because it’s got just about every other character you can think of. But it’s extremely well-done to the point where you can follow it easily. It’s controlled chaos and worth the watch. It’s one of those rare movies that’s critic and audience approved and should not be missed.


four and a half stars

[youtube id=”dKrVegVI0Us” width=”680″ height=”383″]


Movie Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier (2014)

winter sodier 1Overproduced, Lengthy but Definitely Watchable
3.5 stars
The much anticipated sequel to the first Captain America movie is pleasing critics and killing at the box office. So is the movie living up to its hype? Let’s find out.

The movie starts out after Steve Rogers gets ‘defrosted’ after getting put into a cryogenic sleep following Captain America 1. Not only does Captain America have to fight the bad guys, he also needs to adjust to a new millennium world. It’s action with a bit of ‘fish out of water’ thrown in.

Honestly, I felt this movie was a bit overwhelming. Expect cyber snooping, wiki leaks, bad guys, explosions, Mexican stand offs and more.

You remember back in the 90s, where those overproduced Japanese cartoons used to give kids seizures? I felt a bit like that was going to happen to me. There were too many story lines, too many characters and too many chicks wearing leather.

Which is why I’m sure 14 year old boys will love this movie.

winter soldier 3

I will admit, of all the Marvel heroes, Captain America was never really my favorite. I like my graphic novels with a bit more grit. Captain America was always too goody-goody Boyscout for my taste.

But Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), makes up for all of the Captain’s saccharine sweetness by being bad ass and wearing an eye patch. I would watch a movie just about him if given the option.

The movie is well done, if a bit over produced. The storyline flows, though again, is just a bit too involved. None of the plot points feel contrived, which seems to happen on a regular basis in graphic novel adaptations.

winter soldier 4

winter soldier 2

In this case, I think the sequel might actually be better than the original. If the ending is any indication, we are already getting set up for a sequel, so I guess I better learn to like Captain America.

One of my major complaints is that the running time was insane and not fully justified. Two hours and 16 minutes is fine if you’re covering a drama like Schindler’s List. It’s not ok when you’re being subjected to heart pounding action. You will be exhausted at the end of the movie. A lot of completely unnecessary scenes could have been left out. For example, I really didn’t need to watch Rogers jog around to a Marvin Gaye record for 20 minutes to realize that he was overwhelmed by the changes in they world.

If over long, and a bit convoluted, it is still a watchable movie. The effects are better than the first, and have an almost cartoonish air, which fits the film. The style reminded me a bit of a less gritty Sin City. Captain America; The Winter Soldier is another entertaining stab at the franchise and is sure to peak interest in the Avengers sequel coming this summer. If you have 2 hours and 16 minutes on your hands, and you’re not prone to seizures, be sure to check it out.  Watch the official trailer below.

[youtube id=”82RKQPgeYRs” width=”633″ height=”356″]