Tyler Perry Studios Feeds 5,000 Families In Need During Thanksgiving Food Giveaway

Tyler Perry is a good dude. We all know this. You don’t have to be a fan of his movies to be a fan of his.

The director/actor/writer/producer decided to give back in a big way to his community in Atlanta this past weekend. He organized a Thanksgiving food giveaway through his production company, Tyler Perry Studios.

An event poster was shared online back on Thursday…

First come, first serve of 5,000 families while supplies last. Although we wish that we could feed everyone in need we will close the line at the 5,000th family.

The line for the giveaway stretched for miles, according to a local news station. The first car in line actually got there the day before.

In order to keep the families safe, the event was conducted as a drive-thru and required families to stay in their cars while receiving food. The event also required face masks to be worn at all times.

Families reportedly got non-perishable food items and gift cards. No word on how much was on the gift cards, but we’re sure it was a generous amount.

Some of you may remember that back in April, Perry gave $21,000 in tips to workers at a restaurant in Atlanta. He also paid for everyone’s groceries at a local supermarket.

How can you not like this dude?

The Cast Of ‘Dodgeball’ Reunite For Hilarious Omaze Charity Video, Watch It Inside And Find Out How You Can Play Dodgeball With Ben Stiller

Thankfully, the cast of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story have refrained from making a sequel. It would have been easy to do, but they decided to let the original film speak for itself.

The 2004 comedy surprised everyone by being a huge hit at the box office. It earned $167 million worldwide on a budget that was less than $25 million. For those who don’t remember, the film starred Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Justin Long.

On Wednesday morning, Stiller gave fans of the movie a great surprise. In a new charity campaign video powered by Omaze, Stiller transformed back into Globo Gym chief White Goodman to invite viewers to team up with him in this new contest. He was joined in the video by Vaughn and Long, to represent the Average Joe’s.

The video urges fans to pick a side in this battle by signing up on Omaze’s website for a chance to play a game of dodgeball with Stiller. Proceeds from the contest will go to the Stiller Foundation, which supports education initiatives for children.

To promote the campaign, Stiller agreed to do an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and during the interview, he was asked what he remembers most about making the movie 13 years ago…

“I remember having a lot of fun making the movie. It was so ridiculous when we were doing it, I remember doing scenes where I was feeling kind of embarrassed because I thought it’s so ridiculous, and the movie was not necessarily a guaranteed success. In terms of like moments that I remember, I remember Chuck Norris being there and that being very exciting. I remember he came in on a chopper – you’d probably expect nothing less. I remember doing the dodgeball scenes themselves, that being very involved.”

Would You Like A Free Trip To Hawaii? Learn How You Can Hang Out With Chris Pratt On The Set Of Jurassic World 2 For Just $10!

A free trip to Hawaii would be enough to get me excited, but when you add in the opportunity to meet and hang out with Chris Pratt on the set of Jurassic World 2? Well, I might just jump right out of my pants.

Pratt is offering up a little charity competition. To enter the contest, all you need to do is donate $10 to the orthopedics department at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

He got the idea for the contest after meeting 14-year-old Makenna Schwab, a patient at the hospital with a rare connective tissue disorder called Larsen Syndrome. Makenna has received several life-saving surgeries at the hospital, and Pratt knew this would be the perfect way to help and raise money.

And the great news is you can enter more than once, so if you give $100, you’ll get 10 entries in the competition. In a video posted to Pratt’s social media accounts, he told his followers…

“It’s a great cause. We’re raising a ton of money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. It’s a good thing to do, so even if you don’t win the contest, you’re getting great karma points.”

Here is a link to the donation page, and we have included the details of the prize for you below. You got 27 days to enter…GOOD LUCK!

  • 4 round-trip coach tickets from the US/Canada on Delta Air Lines
  • A 4 night stay at the Marriott in Oahu
  • Visit the set of the Jurassic World Sequel
  • Hang out with Chris Pratt
  • Get a sneak peak of the film as you watch scenes get filmed

Matthew McConaughey Has A YouTube Channel And Almost No One Knows About It…


Trying to be successful on YouTube is impossible now. The site pushes sponsored videos and makes it nearly impossible to find original content from users who are just starting out. Unless you’re kissing “strangers” in public or pranking people by punching them in the face, your odds of becoming a star on YouTube are slim.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at Matthew McConaughey. He’s one of the hottest movie stars in the world. He won a freaking Oscar and has millions of followers on Twitter.

But on YouTube? He doesn’t even have 500 subscribers, at least not at the moment. That will probably change though, thanks to this post on Reddit. A user shared the video you see above to the site, explaining that Mr. McConaughey has an official (verified) YouTube channel that no one watches.

He mainly uses the site to promote his charities, but he’ll also upload trailers to his upcoming movies. Just a few months ago he uploaded the trailer to his animated musical comedy Sing, which is scheduled to hit theaters December 21, 2016.



To be clear here, it doesn’t look like McConaughey is actually uploading these videos to his channel and giving them terrible titles on his own. He uses Whosay to publish his videos and photos on all of his social media accounts, which is probably why the titles are so messed up.

Still, it’s interesting to see someone that famous fly under the radar. Makes you wonder if there are more celebrities hiding out on YouTube.

Fan Of Star Wars? Here Is How You Can Win A Trip To Skellig Michael While Also Being A Good Person


Yeah, Star Wars: The Force Awakens made a ridiculous amount of money (over $2 billion) at the worldwide box office. And you might see that number and roll your eyes, “Great. The rich just get richer.

We can’t argue with that, but the brilliant folks at Lucasfilm have not only been using the popularity of the Star Wars franchise to put more money in their bank accounts, they have also used the worldwide success to raise money for several worthy causes.

Their most recent campaign was revealed this week. The Star Wars: Force for Change campaign has announced a new contest, which gives fans the opportunity to win a trip to Skellig Michael, the location of the final scene in The Force Awakens.

Starting today (April 5) Force for Change will match the donations of Star Wars fans to four select charities up to $1,000,000.

“This month-long campaign will lead up to ‘Star Wars Day’ on May the 4th. The four select charities include the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of UNICEF Kid Power, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Make-A-Wish.”

Fans are able to donate through CrowdRise.com/ForceForChange, and if you donate at least $10, you’ll have the chance to win that trip of a lifetime to Ireland. There is also a “first week challenge” going on right now. The first 20 fans to donate or raise at least $500 could win a Blu-ray of the Force Awakens signed by the cast of the film.

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, drop a $10 spot on this and if you win, give the trip to someone who is a fan. Can you imagine all the good that would be coming back to you?

Freshly baked cookies would just start appearing at your doorstep.