Sam Rockwell Will Play George W. Bush In Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Biopic

We finally have the Bush!

As you might have heard, Adam McKay is teaming up with Christian Bale once more for the Dick Cheney biopic, Cheney. McKay and Bale previously worked together on the 2015 award-winning film, The Big Short.

Bale will play Cheney in this upcoming biopic of the former vice president. Amy Adams will play his wife and Steve Carell (who also starred in The Big Short) is set to play Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Those roles were decided early in this production.

One of the last major roles needing to be cast? George W. Bush. After looking at several actors, McKay and Annapurna Pictures decided Sam Rockwell was the man for the job. It’s a great decision. I’ve always got this strange George Bush vibe from Rockwell, like, it was always on my mind that he could play Bush in a movie one day. He has the look, the voice, and even the body language.

So what will the movie focus on? Well, it looks like it’s tackling Cheney’s entire life.

“Bale is portraying the titular character in a story that chronicles Cheney avoiding military service in the Vietnam War, his rise to CEO of the multinational corporation Halliburton and finally becoming what some have called the most powerful U.S. vice president ever to hold office.”

Filming could start as early as September. No word on when we should expect to see this released, but we will keep you posted.

The Movie About The Westboro Baptist Church Has Found Its Director, Get The Details Inside!

You might have heard about the ‘This Above All‘ project circling Hollywood. The movie is based on the true-life story of Megan Phelps-Roper, a former member of the hateful Westboro Baptist Church. Phelps-Roper is the granddaughter of the famous founder of the church, which is known for “picketing everything from sporting events to military funerals and protesting the LGBT community, Islam and politicians, among many other groups.”

She was one of the most powerful voices of the church for years, but as she continued to have conversations with people on social media, she started to question her belief system. She and her younger sister decided to leave the church, which led to their family disowning them.

According to multiple reports, Marc Webb has come on board to direct the movie. He’s directed several music videos, and most recently directed The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Nick Hornby will write the screenplay from a New Yorker article by Adrian Chen and Phelps-Roper’s upcoming memoir.

Jeremy Steckler and Dawn Ostroff will produce for Conde Nast Entertainment. They released the statement you see below…

“When we read the New Yorker article about Megan’s incredible journey, we knew that it was the perfect fit for CNE’s film group. Marc and Nick both have a powerful vision of how to tell Megan’s story and we are very happy to be partnered with Reese, Bruna and Bill, who understand the importance of bringing this project to the big screen.”

No word on when filming might begin, but we will keep you posted! It certainly sounds like it’s going to be an entertaining film.

That Bobbi Kristina Brown Biopic Has Been Filmed, And We Have The First Trailer For You

We knew it was coming, we just didn’t think it would be so soon. The made-for-TV biopic, simply titled Bobbi Kristina, will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. on TV One.

And we got the first trailer for you. Joy Rovaris is playing Bobbi Kristina in the film, and Grown Up’s Nadji Jeter will be playing boyfriend Nick Gordon. The complicated and allegedly abusive relationship between Bobbi and Nick is the main focus of the trailer.

As you all know, Bobbi Kristina died back in July 2015, following six months in a medically-induced coma after being found unresponsive in her bathtub. Gordon was found legally responsible for her death and was ordered to pay more than $36 million to her family. Nick has continued to deny any wrongdoing and was never charged criminally.

In addition to Rovaris and Jeter, this movie also stars Hassan Johnson and Vivica A. Fox. Check out the trailer below…

The Freddie Mercury Biopic Is Finally Going To Happen, And ‘Mr. Robot’ Star Rami Malek Will Star As The Late Singer

This movie has been talked about for years, and for whatever reason, it just never happened. A director would back out, the studio would get cold feet, etc.

But it now looks like everything is on the right track. Original members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor, confirmed that the Freddie Mercury biopic is happening. They also revealed that Mr. Robot star Rami Malek would be playing Mercury in the film.

They told Queen Online that they believe Rami is the best actor for the role…

“Rami has great presence and he’s utterly dedicated to the project. He’s completely living and breathing Freddie already, which is wonderful.”

In addition to Rami starring, it was also revealed that X-Men director Bryan Singer will direct the movie.

“[Bryan Singer is] a perfect choice to recreate the fabulous Queen years which brought us such unforgettable moments as Live Aid, which we can reveal will be faithfully recreated for a key sequence the film.”   

This movie is still in the early stages, so we don’t know who else will star, but the band members promised more announcements would be coming soon. They also hinted that fans will have an opportunity to be extras in the film.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released.

Don’t Be Fooled, ‘All Eyez On Me’ Is Not On The Same Level As ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Back in 2015, Straight Outta Compton took over the box office and surprised everyone. It was a hit with the fans and the critics. It made over $200 million at the box office and rocked a satisfying 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a great movie.

And some people want you to believe the new Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me‘ is on that same level, but we’re here to warn you that it’s not. You want to know how much this movie sucks?

There is a commercial playing on MTV promoting the movie, and during the commercial, it boasts about how Variety said it was “one of the 10 films you should watch in June.” THAT’S THE BEST QUOTE THEY COULD FIND! Not even one of the 10 best films of the summer, just one of the 10 movies you should see in June…LOL!

It currently sits at 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, and most critics are slamming the film for the same reason: it fails to go deep. Barry Hertz from Globe and Mail wrote this…

“A by-the-numbers biopic that trades on the worst clichés of the hip-hop world (that is, drugs, bling and a preoccupation with women’s butts that puts the Fast and Furious franchise to shame).”

And Glenn Kenny from the New York Times had this to say…

“Not only a clumsy and often bland account of his life and work, but it also gives little genuine insight into his thought, talent or personality.”

It’a shame. Tupac deserves better. If, for some reason, you still want to watch this movie, it’s currently playing at a theater near you. But one final warning, its runtime is 140 minutes.

Do you want to waste that much time on a mediocre film?

The Neil Armstrong Biopic Starring Ryan Gosling Has An Official Release Date, Get The Details Inside!

After the success of La La Land, Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle are teaming up again for First Man, which is a biopic about Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong.

It’s going to be based on the book of the same name by James R. Hansen, and the screenplay was written by Josh Singer. That’s significant because he won the Academy Award last year for Best Original Screenplay for his work on Spotlight.

First Man will tell the “story of how Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon and the dangers faced by the Apollo 11 team during their historic mission.”

Universal Pictures announced on Tuesday that the film will be released on October 12, 2018, which is a very awards-friendly release date.

It’s clear they are hoping this brings home a few Oscars. They certainly have the right team in place. It’ll be interesting to see Damien work on something outside of the music genre. Whiplash and La La Land were in a safe space for him. It’s nice to see him stepping outside it.

And if you can’t wait until October 2018 to see Ryan Gosling…don’t you worry. You can catch him in October 2017 starring in Blade Runner 2049.

James Corden Just Destroyed Lifetime’s Britney Spears Movie, Watch The Hilarious Clip Inside!

When it was announced that Lifetime would be making a movie about Britney Spears’ life, we all knew it would be terrible. Heck, even Britney knew it would be terrible, which is why she did not want to be involved.

The ~film~ recently premiered on Lifetime, and the host of The Late Late Show, James Corden, watched it during a lonely Saturday night at home.

And he couldn’t believe his eyes. He spent nearly 8 minutes talking about the movie on the show last night…

“I mean, it’s like you’re watching a documentary, isn’t it? In a world full of fake news, I’m just happy to have some truth. And the truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that Britney Spears loves cheese puffs.”

Obviously he’s being sarcastic there. If you can’t picture the sarcasm in text form, check out the hilarious video below. It’s worth it, even if you haven’t watched the movie.

Super Bowl Star Malcolm Butler Is Getting A Hollywood Movie Made About His Life

You had to know this was coming. 26-year-old cornerback Malcolm Butler was the star of Super Bowl XLIX for the New England Patriots. He was their star cornerback throughout the regular season, and then in the Super Bowl, he became the hero with a last-minute interception at the goal line.

His life story is an inspirational one. He was an undrafted free agent working at Popeye’s before the Patriots gave him a chance.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the biopic will follow Butler’s journey from “running the fryolator at Popeyes to becoming the team’s star cornerback.” Producer Daniel Levin, whose most recent film Lion is nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, purchased Butler’s life rights along with his agent Derek Simpson.

As of right now, the title will be The Secondary,

“Lion and The Secondary are against-all-odds stories of struggle and inspiration. Derek would not stop until Malcolm got a chance.”

I’m interested, but that’s mainly because I love cheesy movies about sports. Angels in the Outfield, The Rookie, Rudy, Remember the Titans…it’s all good to me.

We’ll keep you posted on this project.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Barry (2016) – The Trailer is Not the Story I Would Expect; It’s Actually Better


I’m not a huge fan of Biopics while the person is still doing what they are famous for doing.  However, this one is different because it focuses on Obama’s early years, before he decided to run for POTUS.

The story takes place primarily in New York in the early 80’s during Obama’s years at Columbia.  Is not so much about Obama, but a biracial man trying to fit into a world that is black or white.  This is 21 year old Barack, and chain smoking, slightly awkward, passionate Barack.  He has a white girlfriend, a not so confident walk (as opposed to the strut we are used to) and plays pick-up basketball.  This is far from the leader of the free world.  This isn’t a story about the Obama we know, but the Obama that became the Obama that we know.

The lead is played by a virtually unknown actor from Australia named Devon Terrell.  He trained with famed Broadway dialect and vocal coach Charlotte Fleck to balance Obama’s accent, walking the line between authentic but not comedic.  As you can see in the trailer, he does a great job.

Directed by Vikram Gandhi, the film received great reviews at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

It’s scheduled to be released on December 16, 2016 and I can’t wait.  Here is the Trailer!

Hit Me Baby One More Time: Lifetime Is Developing TV Movie Based On Britney Spears’ Life, Find Out Who Will Be Playing The Pop Star!


10 years ago, it looked like Britney Spears’ career was over. Most people believed she would never recover from the mental breakdown. Hollywood had ruined her.

But after a bit of a break, the 34-year-old pop star has bounced back and she’s at the top once again. She’s making million$ with her show out in Vegas, and she’s still putting out new music. Her latest album Glory will be released tomorrow (Aug. 26th) and her fans could not be more excited.

Or maybe they could. Lifetime has announced they are developing a TV movie biopic based on Britney’s professional life and her personal relationships. According to the reports, it will show her relationship with Justin Timberlake and the lovely Kevin Federline. Of course, it’ll also focus on those dark times 10 years ago when her life spiraled out of control.

A rep for the pop star claims the film does not have her blessing, “Britney Spears will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the lifetime biopic nor does it have her blessing.”

So who will be playing Britney? The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Natasha Bassett (Hail, Caesar!) will star as Britney in the film.

Production on the film is scheduled to start next month and it will premiere on Lifetime in 2017. No official release date has been announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

Should be interesting to see how ~real~ they get. We’re assuming since it’s a Lifetime movie, 90% of it will focus on her struggles and failed relationships, which is probably why Spears doesn’t want to be involved.