Sandra Oh And Awkwafina Set To Star In Untitled Sister Comedy, 20th Century Buys In!

20th Century Studios has acquired the rights to an untitled sister comedy starring Sandra Oh and Awkwafina.

There was apparently a competitive bidding war going on, but 20th Century was the most aggressive. The movie was originally set up at Netflix last year, but they decided to drop it, which led to multiple studios trying to come in and pick it up.

Soon after landing the rights, the studio hired Jessica Yu to direct the flick. She has mainly worked in television in the past, directing episodes of This Is Us, The Morning Show and 13 Reasons Why.

The story follows a brilliant but tightly wound, Jeopardy-obsessed young woman (Awkwafina) who must reunite with her estranged, train-wreck of a sister (Oh) when they’re forced to come up with the money to cover their mother’s gambling debts. The two embark on a wild, cross country trek in a desperate hope to win enough cash the only way they can think of—by turning our reluctant hero into a bona-fide JEOPARDY champion.

It’s a shame this movie wasn’t made before Alex Trebek’s death, as I’m sure he would have made a great cameo in the film.

20th Century is wanting to move quickly with this movie, so we expect filming to take place in early 2022, but we’ll keep you posted. No release date has been announced.

Awkwafina And Karen Gillan Set To Co-Star In Comedy-Action Film ‘Shelly’

Hollywood might still be shutdown (when it comes to production) but that doesn’t mean deals aren’t being made. In fact, more deals might be going down right now.

The most recent package? Awkwafina and Karen Gillan are set to star in the action-comedy film, Shelly. The script was written by Michael Doneger and Liz Storm.

The story takes place a decade after an embarrassing prom prank ran Shelly Wheeler (Awkwafina) out of town and so hardened her heart that she became an ice-cold hit-woman. Revenge threatens to be sweet when she learns her next target is her former high school tormentor, Dianna Park (Gillan).

But when Dianna unexpectedly befriends Shelly, the assassin finds herself in with the cool crowd, protecting her old nemesis against another hit crew hired to kill them both.

People in the industry are saying it’s “Mean Girls” meets “Barry” if those silly comparisons do anything for you.

This sounds like it’s destined for Netflix. And no, that’s not an insult. Netflix is putting out quality content, and has been for a long time.

The project is reportedly being shopped around town as we speak.

Check Out Awkwafina Flex Her Acting Skills In Trailer For A24 Dramedy ‘The Farewell’

If you thought Awkwafina was destined to be a comedic side character for the rest of her Hollywood career, well, you don’t know how talented she is.

But that’s okay, ’cause you’re about to find out. Awkwafina stars in the upcoming A24 dramedy film, The Farewell. She plays a Chinese-born, U.S.-raised woman who discovers that her grandmother (who lives in China) is dying of cancer.

Collider explains:

But instead of telling the grandmother she’s dying, the family has decided to keep it a secret, ensuring her happiness until her death. Under the pretense of a wedding for the young woman’s cousin, the family assembles in China for one last goodbye to a grandmother who thinks it’s a celebration, and Awkwafina’s notoriously emotional character struggles to contain her sadness.

This film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and it was a hit with the critics and the audience. With 35 reviews counted, the film has a comfortable 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Farewell will hit theaters July 12, 2019, and it’s going to open a lot of doors for Awkwafina.

Check out the trailer below…

Awkwafina And Ike Barinholtz Set To Star In Crime Comedy That Actually Sounds Pretty Promising

According to a new report this week, Awkwafina and Ike Barinholtz are set to star in a comedy film named ‘Crime After Crime,’ and the plot sounds promising.

Awkwafina will play a millennial podcast host, who is obsessed with covering true crimes. Things take an unusual turn for her when the convict she talks about on her podcast shows up at her house after escaping prison, hoping she’ll prove his innocence.

Dan Gurewitch and David Young are writing the screenplay, with Nick Stoller and Conor Welch producing under their Stoller Global Solutions banner alongside Awkwafina, Barinholtz and David Stassen.

2018 was a good year for both Ike and Awkwafina. Ike starred in the surprisingly great comedy, ‘Blockers’ last year and made his feature directorial debut with The Oath. Meanwhile, Awkwafina starred in Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians.

Here’s to hoping this film is another hit for them both. I’m definitely intrigued!