Ouch! ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘Welcome To Marwen’ Have Terrible Opening Weekend At Box Office

The holiday weekend at the box office was huge, but mostly only for Aquaman. The superhero flick made over $72 million this past weekend, which easily beat every other title at the box office.

Mary Poppins Returns was supposed to make it close, but unfortunately the Disney musical had a pretty disappointing opening at the box office. It made $31 million during it’s five-day opening. As you may remember, experts were thinking Mary Poppins could make $90 million through Christmas. That looks extremely unlikely now. The total figure will probably be around $45 million to $50 million instead.

Welcome to Marwen‘ also had a terrible opening at the box office. The drama starring Steve Carell had a production budget (marketing not included) of just north of $40 million, but it debuted to a disastrous $2.4 million opening.

According to the experts, it could lose up to $50 million when marketing and distribution costs are taken into account.

Universal’s domestic distribution chief told reporters

“It’s a very well-crafted film, but it’s a difficult story to tell. It might take time for audiences to discover it.”

So yeah, Santa is only being nice to Aquaman this Christmas. It’s global total is already close to $500 million.

It Will Be Aquaman vs Mary Poppins This Holiday Weekend At The Box Office…WHO WILL WIN?

The two biggest movies being released this Christmas weekend will be Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns.

Mary Poppins is trying to get a head start by opening today (Wednesday) instead of Thursday, but even with the extra day, experts predict Aquaman will take home the top spot at the box office this weekend.

Aquaman, which is getting mixed reviews from critics, is expected to make around $70 million during its first three days of release, and up to $120 million as we go into Christmas day.

Compare that to the $90 or $100 million total expected from Mary Poppins through Christmas. It’s close enough to keep an eye on, but Aquaman should win this battle. For what it’s worth, Mary Poppins is getting slightly better reviews than Aquaman.

The superhero flick currently sits at a 68% while Mary Poppins has a 76% rating. Not a huge difference, though. It’s certainly not enough to propel good ol’ Mary into first place at the box office.

It’s tough to beat a superhero film, even those put out by DC.


Extended Trailer For ‘Aquaman’ Has Been Released, Check Out The Action Inside!

Thanks to the New York Comic Con, we are getting an extended look at the upcoming ‘Aquaman‘ film starring Jason Momoa.

This trailer is five minutes long, which means if you’re one of those people who want to enter movies with a clear mind, you should probably avoid clicking play. In fact, just press the back button on your browser and find another article to read on our site.

The Verge explains DC is trying to go with a more lighthearted approach with this movie…

“The overall vibe of Aquaman seems to indicate that DC is aiming for a more lighthearted tone compared to its dreary and dark predecessors. Momoa and Heard’s banter, in particular, shows off an almost unheard-of sense of humor for the series. Add in director James Wan’s eye for action scenes (he previously directed Furious 7), and it’s possible that Aquaman may join Wonder Woman in escaping the long shadow cast by years of lackluster DC films.”

In addition to Momoa, Aquaman stars Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson. It’s scheduled to hit theaters December 21, 2018.

Check out the trailer below…