‘A Star Is Born’ Will Get A Re-Release Featuring 12 Minutes Of Additional Footage

A Star Is Born‘ had eight nominations at the Academy Awards, but it went home with only win for Best Original Song. Lady Gaga accepted the award and she was extremely emotional.

She and Bradley Cooper also performed the song, Shallow, at the awards ceremony, and the performance inspired many memes. People believe Gaga and Cooper are having a secret relationship because of their intensity onstage.

With the added attention from the Oscars, Warner Bros. has decided to re-release the movie for one week across 1,150 screens in the country. This version of the film will feature 12 minutes of additional footage.

The additional footage will also include footage of Ally singing ‘Is That Alright?’ to Jackson Maine in the wedding sequence; Jack in his studio singing ‘Too Far Gone’; and Jack and Ally writing a new song together, entitled ‘Clover.’

A Star Is Born has already made $215 million at the box office, and with this re-release coming Friday, that number will only climb higher.

Bradley Cooper Reportedly Wanted Jack White To Star In ‘A Star Is Born’

I think we can all agree that Bradley Cooper gave the performance of his life in ‘A Star Is Born,‘ he’s set up perfectly for a Best Actor win at the Academy Awards.

But you might be surprised to learn he almost didn’t star in the film. When he signed on to direct, he originally wanted an actual musician to play the male lead. The studio shut him down, though.

He didn’t say specifically which musician he approached, but according to multiple reports, he was in talks with White Stripes icon Jack White. As some of you may know, White has some experience on the big screen, so it wouldn’t have been that much of a stretch.

But still, the studio didn’t feel comfortable with it, which is when Cooper stepped in and was like, “Okay, I’ll do it all then!”

It probably worked out for the best. The studio knew it was important to have a big name in the lead, and Cooper ended up being perfect for the role. It would have been interesting to see White take on the role, though.

By the way, the film has made over $310 million at the box office. Not bad at all considering the budget was $36 million.

‘Halloween’ Grabs The Number One Spot At The Box Office, And ‘A Star Is Born’ Continues To Impress

As expected, ‘Halloween‘ continued to dominate the box office. After bringing in just over $77 million during its opening weekend, the ‘Halloween’ sequel stayed strong in its second weekend at the box office.

It earned the number one spot again this past weekend, bringing in $32 million, which was enough to beat ‘A Star Is Born‘ at $14 million. In total, it’s made over $170 million worldwide, which is a huge win for the studio.

Meanwhile, ‘A Star Is Born’ is doing work. It’s never been at the top of the box office, because it opened against a comic-book film, but it’s been at the number two spot for the past four weekends. That is truly impressive. It’s made over $100 million overseas, which means in total it’s made over $250 million at the box office.

It’s one of those rare films that is a smash at the box office and with award voters. It’ll likely be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could both be nominated for their acting as well.

If the Oscars want ratings, then this will certainly help. I can imagine a lot of people tuning in to see how the film performs.

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Debut At No. 1 On Billboard Chart With ‘A Star Is Born’ Soundtrack

A Star Is Born‘ might have lost out on the top spot at the box office, thanks to the comic-book flick Venom, but it did land a number one debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

The album was released back on October 5. It sold over 230,000 album units, which is the biggest debut week for a soundtrack in more than three years.

“Of A Star Is Born’s 231,000 units, most come from album sales: 162,000. The rest of the units are comprised of SEA units totaling 37,000, and TEA units equaling 32,000.”

This is Lady Gaga’s fifth No. 1 album this decade. That’s the most among female performers. She was previously tied with Taylor Swift.

Here is another cool fact…

“After only one week on sale, A Star Is Born becomes the third-largest selling soundtrack of 2018. With 162,000 sold, it trails only The Greatest Showman(with 1.26 million sold in 2018, of its total 1.35 million, as it was released in 2017) and Black Panther: The Album (with 223,000).”

By the way, the film is performing well at the box office as well. It’s made over $94 million in the states and has a worldwide total of $135 million.

‘Venom’ And ‘A Star Is Born’ Have Terrific, Record Breaking Openings At The Box Office

October is certainly off to a good start for Hollywood. It was a huge weekend at the box office, with both ‘Venom‘ and ‘A Star Is Born‘ entering theaters. Many people thought the negative reviews would hurt Venom’s opening weekend numbers, but it’s clear people did not give a single f**k about the reviews.

The film, which is a hit with fans thanks to Tom Hardy’s incredibly entertaining performance, made a record breaking $80 million during its opening weekend.

As we mentioned last weekend, the previous record for an opening in October was set at $55.8 million by the space flick Gravity. Venom absolutely crushed that number. In addition to the $80 million domestic total, it brought in $125.2 million worldwide, which means it has already made over $200 million.

And it wasn’t the only movie that performed well this past weekend. Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born made $42.6 million. That’s a fantastic number. It was reportedly made on a $40 million budget, so it’s made a profit in just one weekend. And unlike Venom, A Star Is Born is a hit with the critics. It has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So yeah, it’s safe to say this was a damn good weekend for the studios. Maybe these new movie subscription plans are making a difference. Credit to MoviePass for getting the ball rolling.

‘Venom’ Breaks Record At The Box Office, Brings In $10 Million During Thursday Night Previews

Even though ‘Venom‘ is getting dragged by critics, fans are still coming out to support the Marvel/Sony flick.

The movie earned $10 million during its Thursday night opening, which means it broke the record for the top October preview of all time. It’ll expand into 4,250 theaters on Friday and most experts believe it’ll make around $60 million during its opening weekend, which should be enough to become the top October release in history. ‘Gravity‘ currently holds the record with $55.8 million.

As we mentioned above, Venom has been receiving mostly negative reviews. It has a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Most critics are saying the script is sloppy and a bit predictable; however, others say even though the script could be better, Tom Hardy’s performance in the movie more than makes up for it.

Meanwhile, A Star is Born also opened in select theaters on Thursday. It earned a solid $4.6 million and could make $35 or $40 million this weekend. The rave reviews will certainly help the numbers grow.

Come Sunday/Monday, it’ll be super interesting to see the final totals for both these movies.

Bradley Cooper Says He Fell In Love With Lady Gaga’s Eyes, Face And Cooking On ‘A Star Is Born’ Set

Even though Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are both in committed relationships, they still felt a little connection while filming the romantic music drama, A Star Is Born.

The film, which hits theaters this October, stars Cooper and Gaga as two lovers who fall in love while making sweet, sweet music together. It’s a remake of the 1937 classic film of the same name.

During a press conference for the movie at the Venice Film Festival on Friday, Cooper revealed he fell in love with Gaga’s face and eyes while on set.

He also said they bonded over their love for Italian food…

“I remember when we first met, after 10 minutes we were eating homemade food that she cooked – I love to eat – and that was actually a huge bond that we both came from East Coast Italian-American families. So we had a real synchronicity on that level from our upbringing.”

I also love homemade Italian food, can I join this friend circle? I don’t have much to bring to the table, but I’m pretty decent at washing dishes.

Check out the adorable trailer for A Star Is Born below…

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Sing Songs Together In First Trailer For ‘A Star Is Born’

It’s been a long production road for this remake of the 1937 romantic drama. ‘A Star Is Born’ at one point was going to star Beyonce, but that never happened.

Eventually, after many failed casting decisions, things were locked in place once Bradley Cooper stepped in and was like, “F**k it. I’ll star in it and direct!”

So here we are. Cooper will be making his directorial debut, and Lady Gaga will be making her major film debut. She has previously shown off her acting skills in the TV series ‘American Horror Story‘.

Rolling Stone provides us with more information about the romantic musical drama…

“The preview opens with Cooper’s character, country singer-songwriter Jackson Maine, struggling with alcoholism. ‘Ya know, man, in the old days, I always knew you were gonna do somethin’, that you’d be alright,’ says the musician’s friend Noodles (Dave Chappelle). ‘This is the first time I’ve worried about you.’

But Maine’s life changes when he discovers struggling artist Ally (Gaga) performing at a local club. ‘I don’t sing my own songs. I just don’t feel comfortable,’ she tells the smitten Maine.”

Gaga wrote a handful of original songs for this movie, which should give her an even deeper connection to the film.

A Star Is Born is set to hit theaters October 5, 2018.

See The First Photo Of Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga In ‘A Star is Born’ Remake

We told you back in August of 2016 that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper officially signed on to star in the remake of A Star is Born. It was pretty big news at the time because the project had went down such a difficult road. At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio was set to co-star in the film with Beyonce, and Clint Eastwood was in talks to direct.

That obviously didn’t work out, and just when the studio was about to scratch the idea, Bradley Cooper came in to say he would star and direct the movie.

Following his announcement, Lady Gaga joined the cast and now filming has officially started. Warner Bros. released the first photo from set, which shows Cooper playing the guitar next to Gaga.

According to multiple reports, Cooper and Gaga have been at Coachella filming scenes for the movie. It’s going to be interesting to see the finished product. As you may already know, this will be Cooper’s directorial debut.

Most actors who dip their toes in the directing waters start off with indie projects. Cooper is going straight to the top with his debut. Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Elliott are set to co-star in the movie.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released. It’s set to hit theaters in 2018.

It’s Official, Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Is Happening, Get The Details Inside!


It’s been a long road for this A Star Is Born project. A road so long that you begin to question your sanity. Will it ever end? Is it all a dream? Why are there no other cars on the road?

Warner Bros. remake of the classic film has been on life support for what feels like years now. At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce were set to star and Clint Eastwood was attached as the director. Unfortunately, that strange combination didn’t work out, and the project was left for dead.

Bradley Cooper entered the room to save the day though. After both Eastwood and Beyonce dropped out, Cooper announced he would both star and direct the remake. That’s when Lady Gaga joined the project, and now Warner Bros. has finally decided to move forward. It will be Cooper’s directorial debut.

This will be a challenge for both Cooper and Lady Gaga. Starring in your directorial debut sounds super stressful, and Gaga faces the challenge of trying to match the performances by Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. It’s not going to be easy.

The 30-year-old singer/actress went on her Twitter account to let her fans know how excited she is…


Filming is scheduled to begin in California next year. According to the reports, Lady Gaga will be composing and writing new songs to perform.

Warner Brothers president of Creative Development and WW Production Greg Silverman made it clear that everyone is excited to watch this project develop…

“For those of us lucky enough to watch him work as an actor and producer, it has been clear that Bradley would make this transition to director. We are honored that he is doing it, here, at his home—Warner Bros.—and with Lady Gaga as a collaborator and co-star. The world is in for a treat as these great artists craft an all new vision of A Star is Born.”