Superbad’s Director Talks About The Failed Sequel, And If There Is Any Hope For A Reunion Movie

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Most of you should know by now that we’re not a fan of sequels. We’re not saying there haven’t been any good sequels produced, we’re just saying there are too many out there. Original ideas are getting pushed to the back of the line to make room for remakes and sequels.

The sequel market has been really heating up lately, which is why it’s a bit surprising we never saw a sequel to Superbad. It was incredibly successful at the box office and is considered to be one of the funniest movies in recent history.

Everyone involved would have made a ridiculous amount of money had their been a sequel, but the creators behind the film refused to put out an inferior product. Seth Rogen has always been against a direct sequel. He never wanted to do it. Judd Apatow admitted he would have been happy to produce a direct sequel if they could all come together to create a story worth telling.

That never happened, mainly because he was the only one who truly liked the idea. The director of the original film, Greg Mottola, recently talked with CinemaBlend and he talked about an idea he’s had for a few years now.

A huge reunion film. Not a sequel. It would be a completely different story, but with the same cast.

“I would love to reunite with every single person who worked on that movie, but we all feel like we got to do something special when no one was looking, and we certainly don’t want to shit on it. But I keep pitching, ‘Let’s just get everyone together and shoot a different movie with all the same cast, down to like the one line parts. Get every last person into a different movie.’ I would love to see that. I’ll have to see if he’ll take me up on that. But yeah, maybe when everyone is like 20 years older.”

It’s an interesting idea. It could work. For those wondering, Superbad was released in 2007, so 20 years later would be 2027.

We’ll be waiting.




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