Sunday Past: Death Becomes Her

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sunday past, death becomes herI was thinking the other day about all the movies I loved watching from years ago. It made me think of the category here called Sundays Past. The movie that kept entering my mind was Death Becomes Her. What a hoot!!

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn are flawless in this movie. And seeing as they wish to erase their physical flaws in the movie, it’s quite a fitting interpretation of the pair.

I loved this movie on so many levels. The comedy was brilliant, the acting superb….of course with those two. 🙂 Also, the effects were astonishing for that time period. I mean, one of these ladies is walking around with a giant hole in the middle of their body! And I do mean GIANT.

I have probably watched this movie 30 times and I laugh every time. For me, late 80’s movies just instantly transport me back to my youth and make me smile. I have another one in mind as well…but I will save that for next time cuz it’s a fantastic 80’s teen flick and one I would love to see remade. Since we are in the age of remakes and all.

Have you seen Death Becomes Her and what did you think of it??

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  1. Zique says:

    I loved Death Becomes Her. Definitately one of my favorite 80’s movies. I’d love to see Jennifer Lopez and Goldie Hawns characther. Maryl’s is irreplaceable lol

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