‘The Strangers 2’ Finally Happening? New Director And Screenwriter Hired For Project

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It’s been seven years since Liv Tyler starred in the home invasion thriller The Strangers. The film received mixed reviews from critics, but it was loved by horror fans all around the world. In fact, many fans were begging for a sequel.

They needed more!

And it looked like they were going to get more on several different occasions. Production on The Strangers 2 has started and stopped more times than a mailman in the suburbs. However, it now looks like things are finally moving again.

Relativity Studios has hired Marcel Langenegger (Deception) to direct the sequel. He will be working with a fresh script from Ben Ketai. According to multiple reports, the sequel will follow around a family preparing to send their daughter off to boarding school. Before sending the troubled teen away, they decide to take a family trip to a trailer park owned by their uncle.

Once they arrive, they find their Aunt and Uncle murdered inside their mobile home. Not much else is known about the project. We’re not sure if Tyler’s character will return or not. In an interview with Collider back in 2011, she talked about the possibility of a sequel. She mentioned that she had read a script by Bryan Bertino, “I’m not really in it. It’s not about me.” She said at the time.

But like we mentioned, that was several years and several screenplays ago. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more information. Keep your fingers crossed! Hopefully things will stay on track this time.

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