Steve Carell Looks Super Creepy In New ‘Foxcatcher’ Poster

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Say goodbye to Michael Scott and hello to John du Pont. Steve Carell might not have been the obvious choice to play the convicted murderer, and that’s exactly why director Bennett Miller gave Carell the job.

“That it’s not obvious was part of the reason why it was right.” Miller said. ”Because who we think [du Pont] is and who he turns out to be are very different things. I think some of the more obvious choices would have not worked, because right off the bat, you would put them in a category.” He added.

It looks like the bold decision will pay off for both Miller and Carell. Most of the experts believe Steve Carell will get an Oscar nod for his performance.

If you just glanced at the new poster down below, chances are you wouldn’t even notice that it was the 52-year-old actor. There is just something unsettling about that prosthetic nose, and Steve Carell agrees.

“Just the reflection of what you see in other people and how they respond to you, I could tell that I was off-putting. People just naturally weren’t inclined to be around me, based on how I looked. It was a little creepy.”

It’s a lot creepy, Steve. A lot. The film is expected to be released November, 14. We suggest you go watch it.





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