Stephen King Film Adaptation ‘It’ Hits Major Roadblock, Loses Director Cary Fukunaga

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We have some bad news for all you It fans out there. Just as the project was starting to travel down the right road, it now looks like things are off track again. Director Cary Fukunaga was attached to the film adaptation, which excited many fans after his work on the first season of True Detective.

Fukunaga also seemed to be extremely passionate about this project. He had a vision for the film, and that’s ultimately why he decided to leave the project.

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s It recently moved from Warner Bros. to New Line, which is where the trouble started. According to The Wrap, New Line and Fukunaga couldn’t agree on anything. Fukunaga wanted to shoot the movie in New York. New Line wanted to go with a less costly filming location.

But the biggest problem was that the director wanted to spread King’s story over two films. Both films would follow around the same group of characters. The first film would show them as children, and the second movie would show them as adults thirty years later. This idea was apparently approved by Stephen King himself.

However, New Line didn’t like the idea. They were afraid the first film featuring children wouldn’t perform well with the older audience. Reports say New Line wanted to reduce It to just one movie, which sounds like a difficult thing to do. You can’t possibly cover everything in one movie.

We’ll see what happens with this film down the road, but as of right now, the project has stopped moving forward.





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