‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Is Already Breaking Records, Brings In $50 Million In Early Ticket Sales

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We still have a month to go before Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes over every single theater on the planet, but the film is already breaking records. The seventh film in the franchise has generated more than $50 million in advance ticket sales.

That’s right, folks. Some Hollywood movies don’t even make $50 million in their entire run at the box office. Star Wars just made it four weeks before its release! According to Fandango, Star Wars 7 is now the biggest pre-seller in movie history, easily beating the first Hunger Games movie and The Dark Knight Rises.

Tickets for opening night are being sold for a ridiculous amount of money online, but according to most reports we’ve seen, you should still be able to find tickets directly from your local theaters. Most of the IMAX screenings have been sold out, but if you’re willing to check it out in the regular format, finding a ticket shouldn’t be too hard.

The impressive early numbers have the experts talking. Just how much money will this film bring in? Disney CEO Bob Iger is trying to play down expectations, but some people believe they could be looking at a $300 million opening weekend, which would crush Jurassic World‘s $208.8 million total.

If Star Wars brings in close to $300 million, it will change the Christmas game forever. December has always been a difficult month for big movies at the box office. No film has ever earned $100 million in December. The current record holder for the month is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘s $85 million opening.


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