SparkShorts: Watch Trailer For Pixar Shorts Set For Release On Disney+

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We all love a good Pixar short. Heck, sometimes people look forward to the shorts more than the actual feature. It’s like the Super Bowl and commercials.

Pixar decided to capitalize on this by coming up with a new animated series titled SparkShorts, which is set to be released on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

The series will give us a look at six Pixar shorts from up-and-coming filmmakers.

SparkShorts is Pixar’s newest collection of artists’ project from six incredible storytellers. The series introduces us to six shorts films titled FloatPurlKitbullSmash and Grab,Wind, and Loop with the first four set to premiere on November 12 while Wind and Loop are expected to debut on December 13 and January 10, respectively.

You can check out the trailer below…




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