Space Jams 2 Moving Forward with Lebron James, Some needs to Let him Know.

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Deadline released a story on Friday saying that Space Jams 2 is not only in the works but it’s in the works and ready for a new lead by the name of LeBron James. The problem is, someone needs to tell that to LeBron.

The first movie grossed $230 million worldwide and was a huge hit, so Dick Ebersol’s sons Charlie and Willie Ebersol have agreed with Warner Bros to produce the sequel and as Deadline puts it, it will be a “starring vehicle for James”. I as the rest of the world interpreted that as Lebron being on board with the project.

Just to give it some perspective, the original Space Jam came out in 1996 and went up against Mel Gibson’s “Ransom” at the box office and took number 1. It played a huge part of introducing the League and basketball to a new generation of children many I’m sure bugged the crap out of their parents to sign them up for basketball after the movie was over.

Other NBA legends also joined the production such as Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and Charles Barkley, giving parents, especially fathers a reason to drag their kids and sit through the movie the standard 3 or 4 times.


Shortly after the story broke, ESPN sent out a tweet and basically said that Lebron was not on board or at least not yet.

Most fans on twitter seemed to be upset but me…I’m completely indifferent. I think it’s another lazy sequel which I’m not at all a fan of and a cure for something that doesn’t need to be fixed. I didn’t see the first one and it would take my daughter (who is all of 6 months old), to drag me to a sequel…and even then I would probably give that a No-look pass.

If something desperately needs a fix, it’s the NFL. I wonder what RGIII is doing this off season.

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