Sony Pictures Animation Releases First Trailer For ‘Connected’

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You probably haven’t heard much about this movie, and that’s a shame, because it looks pretty great.

Sony Pictures Animation just released the first trailer for ‘Connected‘ which follows a family during an apocalyptic robot uprising.

Sounds cool already, right? The very original story comes from filmmaker Mike Rianda, who co-wrote the script with Jeff Rowe.

Connected tells the story of a family making their way to a college across the country where their eldest daughter will attend. It’s an emotional affair, especially for her father who’s coming to terms with his daughter growing up and moving out. Everything’s going smoothly for the modern family — meaning everyone is on their phone or tablet at any given time — until they see an announcement for a new line of autonomous helper robots. Then everything goes to hell.

To say “I’m sold” would be an understatement. The voices you’ll hear in this film come from Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph and Eric Andre.

Connected is expected to hit theaters September 18, 2020. Check out the trailer below…

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