Sony Is Working On A Sequel To Last Year’s Breakout Hit Thriller ‘Searching’

Published On August 15, 2019 » 294 Views» By Z-rowe »

I remember going to the premiere of ‘Searching‘ last year and being pretty impressed with the film. Even more impressive was the amount of praise director Aneesh Chaganty gave to everyone (and I mean everyone) who worked on the film.

You could tell they had a pretty close team who all enjoyed working together, which is probably why the movie was a success.

Sony Pictures bought the film for $5 million out of Sundance, and that was a smart move because it went on to make a cool $75 million worldwide.

Now Sony wants a sequel. Chaganty went on his Twitter account to confirm the news. He also made it clear that this sequel won’t feature the same cast of characters.

Sounds good to me. Thrillers are pure entertainment for me. They don’t have to be groundbreaking. They just need to entertain.

Looking forward to another quality popcorn flick.

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