‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Is Number One At The Box Office, But That Doesn’t Mean It Performed Well

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Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ premiered during the three-day Memorial Day weekend, and it managed to grab the number one spot with $103 million.

That sounds like an impressive number, and it would be for most films. But we’re talking about STAR WARS here. The projections for this movie were between $130 and $140 million, which means the $103 million total is a bit of a disappointment.

Even more disappointing? It made just under $150 million globally…

“The fact that it’s the second ‘Star Wars’ movie to hit theaters in six months following ‘The Last Jedi’ may have contributed to the weakest opening weekend of any ‘Star Wars’ film since 2002’s ‘Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.’

‘Solo’ also disappointed abroad, earning just $65 million internationally. When combined with the domestic three-day total of $85 million, ‘Solo’ took in $150 million worldwide in its first three days. By comparison, ‘The Last Jedi’ sold $220 million in tickets in its first three days just in the U.S. and Canada.”

So yeah, the numbers are not great. It’s obviously not a failure. It’s still going to earn a lot of money. Everything is okay, but it does show that perhaps people are growing tired of the same franchises.

Maybe people finally want original ideas again? We can dream.




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