‘Sicario’ Director Wants To Make A James Bond Movie, Read His Comments Inside!

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Still don’t know who Denis Villeneuve is? That’s about to change soon. He’s one of the most talented directors in Hollywood right now. He’s responsible for directing Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy and Prisoners. Both films receiving mostly positive reviews from fans and critics.

His latest film, Sicario, starring Emily Blunt might be his best work yet. It will be released nationwide this Friday, and you should probably go see it. It has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Of course, there is also another huge movie coming out this weekend: The Martian starring Matt Damon. My suggestion? Make plans to see both on the same day.

Anyway, now that we have established how talented Villeneuve is, let’s talk about the comments he made during an interview with Coming Soon. He was asked about how Sicario features more action than his previous films, and that’s when he started talking about his mad love for the Bond films.

“It’s strange, because I understand that each genre has its own specific rules, but for me, they are all movies. I’m just attracted to try to do different things, and I was very excited to make a movie that required more action. I was raised with James Bond. I love James Bond movies. I would love to do a James Bond movie one day. Action is very cinematic. I’m not someone that loves dialogue – I am someone that loves movement. Action, if it’s well done, can be very poetic and meaningful.”

As some of you may know, director Sam Mendes claims this upcoming Spectre film will be his last with the franchise, so it looks like they will be looking for a new director for the next movie in the series.

Could Villeneuve get the job?

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