Several Huge Films Just Got Pushed Back, Including Star Wars, Avatar And Mulan

The chaos surrounding the film industry continues as the coronavirus continues to surge across the country.

Many people had hoped that theaters would be reopen by now, but unfortunately it’s looking like they won’t reopen until September or October, which means more films are getting delayed.

Additionally, several films that were in production are still shutdown. This all equals to more delays.

Disney announced some major changes to their release calendar.

James Cameron’s long-delayed sequels to Avatar will now premiere every other December starting in 2022 as follows: ‘Avatar 2’ (Dec. 16, 2022), ‘Avatar 3’ (Dec. 20, 2024), ‘Avatar 4’ (Dec. 18, 2026) and ‘Avatar 5’ (Dec. 22, 2028). The second ‘Avatar’ installment, which was originally aiming to open in 2014, will debut 13 years after the first film.

Pretty damn crazy, right? By 2028, will anyone care about Avatar? I mean, does anyone really care about it now? IT’S BEEN SO LONG! Avatar 2 is going to have to blow people away with its brilliance. If it fails, I highly doubt there will be some fifth film in 2028.

In addition to the Avatar delay, Star Wars is also being pushed back one year. We don’t know what these films will be about, or which character they’ll follow, but we do know the first part of the trio won’t premiere until December 2023. It was originally scheduled for 2022.

And finally, Mulan has also been delayed. It was scheduled to hit theaters next month, but obviously that won’t be happening. A new release date has not been set, but we will keep you posted.

The good news? There are still some films scheduled to be released this winter, including West Side Story (Dec 18), Black Widow (Nov. 6), Free Guy (Dec. 11) and Pixar’s Soul on Nov. 20.

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