See What ‘The Little Rascals’ Look Like Twenty Years Later In Awesome Anniversary Poster

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The cast of the 1994 classic, “The Little Rascals” almost broke the internet yesterday. A production company called 22 Vision got the cast back together to recreate a few scenes from the movie, and pose for the iconic movie poster you see down below.

Scroll down there and take a look. Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Spanky…they are all there! All to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film. The founder of 22 Vision, Brian Pocrass, says the message behind the shoot is “embracing who you are.”

“Obviously getting back into the character can be uncomfortable, but it’s about embracing who you were as a child.”

He also revealed that Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla) was the most difficult cast member to convince.

“When I first reached out to her, she wasn’t into it. Like a lot of child actors, she was guarded, but after we spoke on the phone for a while, she trusted me. This wasn’t about the tabloid. It was more about the film. It all stems from the fact that they just wanted to see each other.”

How can you not smile when you see these photos? It’s great to see the cast back together. Surprisingly, they all look normal.




Source: 22 Vision

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