See Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard In First Action-Packed ‘Pan’ Trailer

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This is officially the week of trailers, folks! Right after Jurassic World surprised fans by releasing the first trailer two days early, Warner Bros. decided to give us our first look at the new, ‘Pan.’ Peter Pan’s origin story.

Earlier this week, we shared some promo photos and a few character posters, highlighting Hugh Jackman’s incredible transformation as the villainous pirate, Blackbeard. Today, we get the our first look at his character in action. We also get our first look at Neverland, and it’s filled with fanciful, magical happenings.

The film is directed By Joe Wright (Atonement, Hanna), and Peter Pan will be played by newcomer, Levi Miller. And if the trailer is any indication of his skills, it’s safe to say he will have a long career in this business.

Garrett Hedlund landed the role of the two-handed Hook. That’s right, Hook will have both hands in this film, and he and Peter Pan will actually be friends, which has made several Peter Pan purists hesitant about seeing this film.

What do we say? Sometimes change is a good thing. It’s hard to tell just from the trailer, but it definitely looks like this film has promise. It certainly looks better than the first trailer for Jurassic World.

‘Pan’ will be in a theater near you July 17, 2015.




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