‘It’ Screenwriter Is Reportedly Working On ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ Movie

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Here we go again, folks. The reboots and revivals continue to roll out. Paramount Players is reportedly developing a movie adaptation of the classic Nickelodeon show, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Gary Dauberman, the screenwriter behind It, has been hired to write the script. In addition to It, Dauberman also wrote Annabelle: Creation, so he has lots of experience with the horror genre. There is not a lot of information about this project, but we do know Matt Kaplan will be working as a producer.

For those who don’t remember, Are You Afraid of the Dark was created by Ned Kandel and D.J. MacHale. It was set around a group of kids “who called themselves the¬†Midnight Society and would tell various scary stories, some of which were based on fairytales and urban legends but with an added modern twist.”

It ran from 1992-1996. It did come back in 1999 for one season, but it had a brand new writing team, which didn’t sit well with the audience at the time.

I remember enjoying the show as a kid, but I’m not sure how well it’ll do now. Times are different. For this movie to work, they’ll need to modernize the hell out of it.

And once they do that, then you’ll have to ask the question, “Is this even the same show anymore?”

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