Screenwriter Max Landis Accused Of Rape And Psychological Abuse By Multiple Women

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If you’re just a casual fan of movies, you probably have no idea who Max Landis is, and you should be grateful. However, if you closely follow the ~arts~ then you probably know exactly who Max Landis is.

He’s the outspoken screenwriting son of filmmaker John Landis. Max got his start in Hollywood, thanks to his last name, and to his credit he cashed in on the opportunity. In five short years, he wrote Chronicle, American Ultra, Mr. Right, Victor Frankenstein, and most recently the Netflix film Bright.

According to reports at the time, Netflix paid him close to $4 million for his ‘Bright’ script, which is pretty ridiculous. That’s a lot of money for a script, especially one written by someone like Max, who routinely failed at the box office. His projects were constantly slammed by critics, which made everyone wonder, “How is he still getting paid the big bucks?”

Well, the good news is that you’ll no longer have to scratch your head in confusion because Max is done in Hollywood. Several women have come forward and accused him of sexual and psychological abuse.

Variety reports:

Two of the women spoke on the record, and another five were identified by pseudonyms. An eighth women confirmed that she filed a police complaint against Landis in 2008, in which she alleged that he had sexually assaulted her while she was drunk and incapacitated. The case was later dropped.

Three of the women alleged that Landis choked them. One woman alleged that Landis held her down and raped her, and would deliberately humiliate her because wanted to have sex with her while she was crying. Two more women described accounts of alleged sexual misconduct on movie sets.

None of this is surprising. There had been rumors going around for years about Max, and it’s honestly shocking it took so long for this to happen.

According to the report, Max’s upcoming film ‘Deeper‘ is being pulled off the production line by MGM. Idris Elba was attached to star.

Josh Trank, the director of one of Max’s first films, claims he banned Max from set while filming the sci-fi flick because he was so toxic.

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