The Screenwriter Of ‘Die Hard’ Just Confirmed That It Is A Christmas Movie

Published On December 26, 2017 » 902 Views» By Z-rowe »

The debate has been going strong for almost 30 years: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Back on December 7 of this year, YouGov published the results of a survey that found 52 percent of British people said the action flick was not a Christmas movie. 30 percent believed it was and 18 percent couldn’t make up their mind.

The results of this survey were shared on social media, and it looked like more people were moving over to the “It’s not a Christmas film” side, but then a true Christmas miracle happened.

Steven E de Souza, the screenwriter behind the movie, jumped on his Twitter account to confirm that it was indeed a film for the holidays…

So there you go, it’s a freaking Christmas movie. It doesn’t matter that it was released in July, it doesn’t matter that it’s about kidnapping and terrorism…IT’S A CHRISTMAS MOVIE!

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