Say Whaaat? Reboots Of ‘Ace Ventura’ And ‘Major League’ Are Currently Being Developed

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Deadline had a pretty major report this week. According to the site, the Morgan Creek production house has rebranded itself as Morgan Creek Entertainment Group, and they’re planning on exploiting the sh*t out of their most popular titles.

They plan to make a reboot of Ace Ventura, and they’re also developing revivals of the Major League franchise and Young Guns. They hope to develop a movie and a TV show for this Young Guns revival. They are looking to cast a new group of up-and-coming actors to take over the iconic roles.

No word on what they have planned for the Major League reboot, but the last film in the franchise Major League: Back to the Minors failed at the box office, so hopefully they have something fresh to offer up.

Their plans for Ace Ventura include “a mainstream theatrical production relaunch. Because it’s episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise.”

They reportedly want Jim Carrey to return one final time to hand the role over to “a long-lost son or daughter of Ace,” which sounds like a terrible idea. No one will be able to replicate Carrey’s performance. It will look like a terrible impersonation no matter how talented this new actor is.

This all just screams laziness to me. Why not focus on new franchises? Fresh ideas? NEW STORIES TO TELL????? DO WE NOT HAVE ANY NEW STORIES? SHOULD WE ALL JUST GIVE UP?

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