Say What? Warner Bros. Developing A Sequel To ‘The Accountant’ Ben Affleck & Gavin O’Connor Will Return

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On the list of movies that were likely to get a sequel, 2016’s The Accountant starring Ben Affleck was not at the top. The film performed moderately well at the box office. It brought in over $150 million worldwide against a budget of $44 million, so it made the studio some money.

And that was apparently enough for Warner Bros. to say “hell yeah!” to a sequel. The studio is developing the sequel, and they’re already talking to Affleck about returning. They’re also in talks with the original writer (Bill Dubuque) and the original director, Gavin O’Connor.

If you didn’t see the first movie, it followed “a highly functioning autistic man who worked as an accountant for criminal organizations. When the Treasury Department starts to follow his activities, he uses his background as an assassin to protect himself and others. ”

The film received mixed reviews from critics, but from the audience at home? It was a huge hit, which is probably why the studio feels so strongly about a sequel.

According to a report from Deadline, this sequel might focus more on Jon Bernthal’s character…

“All those deals are being worked out right now. I’m told they will then work out the beats of the story, which likely will include Jon Bernthal, whose character asserted himself at the conclusion of the first film.”

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released. For now, check out the trailer for the original film below…

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