Samuel L. Jackson To Join John Cusack in Stephen King’s ‘CELL’.

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Samuel Jackson

Today it was announced that Samuel L. Jackson will join John Cusack in another Stephen King novel adaptation.  The two will star in CELL.  Jackson will be playing the role of Tom McCourt and Cusack will be playing that of Clay Riddell.

The novel, like many works by Stephen King was ahead of its time, unfortunately also like King’s latter works it starts off “kick ass” and then gets a little lost and has a lack luster ending.  The premise of Cell is a frightening one.  Written in 2006, the book takes cell phones to another level.  A pulse transmitted via cell phone causes the human population to turn into murderous, mindless beasts.  Jackson plays an Engineer and former soldier who joins Cusack’s character as they both flee from Boston, in attempts to help Cusack find his son. [more…]

1408 was another under hyped King movie that Jackson and Cusack starred in together and in my opinion had fantastic, frightening results.  Also joining the 1408 reunion is producer Richard Saperstein who also produced King’s The Mist. 

Directed by Paranormal Activity 2’s, Tod “Kip” Williams, filming of Cell is set to start early next year.

Let’s hope the right tweaks were made to the storyline to end this one as good as I know it starts!!


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