Sam Smith’s James Bond Theme Song ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ Has Been Released, Listen To It Inside!

Well, we told you this was coming. The internet freaked out earlier this month when it was announced 23-year-old singer Sam Smith would be performing the Spectre theme song, Writing’s On The Wall. For some people, the freak out was filled with joy and excitement. And for others, the freak out was filled with disappointment and anger.

At the time, we tried to calm everyone down by providing you with this quote by Spectre producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

“Sam and Jimmy have written the most inspirational song for SPECTRE and with Sam’s extraordinary vocal performance, ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ will surely be considered one of the greatest Bond songs of all time.”

Now it’s time for you all to decide if that’s true. The single was just released on iTunes. You can listen to the 4-minute song below…


What do you think? Is it the best or worst Bond theme ever? According to people on Twitter, it’s both. It seems like the internet is about 50/50 on this song, which should be considered a victory for Smith. People always have strong opinions when something is fresh, and especially when you are trying to follow something as wonderful as Adele‘s Skyfall.

The song isn’t bad. It’s not the best and it’s not the worst.

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