SAG-AFTRA Orders “Do Not Work” Warning On Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’

There was good news for the Michael Bay-produced pandemic thriller ‘Songbird‘ earlier this week after gaining lots of interest at the Virtual Cannes market.

They were riding high and ready to start filming very soon in Los Angeles. They were hoping to be one of the first productions to start filming again, but their quest hit a bit of a roadblock yesterday.

SAG-AFTRA has told its members to refuse work on the thriller because producers have not been transparent with their safety procedures.

The producers have not been transparent about their safety protocols and that is something we obviously take very seriously. Also, as noted in the Do Not Work order, the producers have not yet become signatory to our agreement. We have no further comment. 

This is something the producers will have to work out before they can start up production. If they thought they’d be able to bend the rules, well, they’re getting a clear wake up call.

As for the movie itself,  “The story is set two years in a future in which the pandemic has not gone away as the virus continues to mutate.”

We’re not sure if people are ready to watch a pandemic movie about the current pandemic we’re still living in, but hey, I guess someone has to be the first to try it.

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