Ryan Reynolds Signs New Deal For ‘Deadpool’ Sequel, Filming Scheduled To Start This Fall!


One of the hottest films of the year just received some great news. Ryan Reynolds has successfully renegotiated his contract for the Deadpool sequel and filming could start as early as this fall.

As some of you may remember, The Hollywood Reporter revealed a few months ago that Reynolds received only $2 million upfront for Deadpool. And while $2 million sounds like a lot to us normal people, it’s really pocket change when you remember the film took home $754 million at the worldwide box office.

Because of the film’s success, Ryan’s agents wanted to get their client a new deal, and no one can really blame them.

According to Heroic Hollywood, that deal is done and they’re ready to move forward with the sequel. As mentioned above, filming is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. No release date has been confirmed, but most people believe it will be January 2018.

If you can’t wait until 2018 for more Deadpool, you can pick up the DVD/Blu-ray for the original film next month. It features a special unrated cut and a bonus after credit sequence.

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