Ryan Reynolds Has Made North Of $60 Million The Past Year

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Ryan Reynolds is taking full advantage of the streaming service platform. In the past year, Reynolds has agreed to deals to star in/produce Netflix’s ‘Red Notice’ and ‘6 Underground‘.

He reportedly got $20 million (plus backend compensation) for Red Notice and $27 million for Michael Bay’s 6 Underground. That’s already a fabulous year.

But just recently, Reynolds scored an even bigger payday. Reynolds and Will Ferrell just sold their live-action based ‘A Christmas Carol‘ movie to Apple, and the tech company paid a lot of money for it. There was an intense bidding war, and for a while, it looked like Netflix would come out on top.

But when Reynolds’ team hiked his asking price to $35 million, Netflix had to reconsider, and that’s when Apple came in and “blew everyone out of the water.”

The exact numbers of the deal haven’t been reported, but one would assume Reynolds is at least getting $35 million.

The deal made with the tech giant has some unusual provisions that may become the standard in the digital content age. The filmmakers asked to retain the rights to the original music written for the film, though it is believed Apple has negotiated to retain those in the deal.

Damn. Reynolds ain’t no fool. He’s getting his money. He knows the streaming game better than any other actor in Hollywood right now. He needs to start teaching a class for other actors who are getting screwed.




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